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The 3-Step 3-Minute Writer's Workout Warm-Up(™): Easy, Fast, and Super Wordtastic!

Is there a connection between exercise and creativity? YES, say some studies. A 30-minute exercise session can purportedly raise creativity levels for hours (factoid a la Lifehacker). Now that's awesome. The blood-rushing, breath-stealing feeling that comes after exerting yourself physically does practically feel the same as the blood-rushing, breath-stealing feeling that comes during a great burst of writing!

One issue: some of us aren't really feeling the whole 30-minute thing at the moment. Um… yeah. We'll do it later... but right now, like... this chair is comfortable. Mmmmm. Chairs.

STILL. If you're about to go attempt to write, why not experience the positive affects of exercise for just a little bit? That, AND get your craziness levels up (which is necessary for writing, of course)? We can do that with the 3-Step 3-Minute Writer's Workout Warm-Up!!!!! (Exclamation points forever!!!)

-A timer
-A computer with a keyboard
-A floor on which to jump
-A moderate amount of energy, or at least desperation


Stand up and jump up and down (optional: limb flailing) for 30 seconds.



Sit down. Take 2 minutes to pump out 60 words about whatever comes out of your fingers. That's 30 words a minute. Or half a word a second. You want to go FAST… you want to write nothing good! Ignore typos and grammar. This is just a warm-up.


Now stop! Do something crazy. Choose one of the following:

A) Lie facedown on the floor for 30 seconds.
B) (Pause the timer.) Call completely random phone numbers and talk to the first person who picks up for 30 seconds. (It's up to you to keep them interested/on the phone for that long! You can do it! You're a writer.)
C) If you have any pets nearby, lift them above your head and sing that awesome "Nyaaaaaa iganyaaaaay, babasi, babada" part from the very beginning of the Lion King for 30 seconds. If your pet is too heavy for lifting, attempt to ride them.
D) Do WHATEVER YOU WANT IN THE WORLD for 30 seconds. If you go on Facebook, I may have to pinch you, sorry.


Bookmark this workout tip and come back to it. Or do it right now. Or don't do it all. Just remember to, when writing, try to get your blood rushing, your craziness pumping, your fingers flashing! EXERCISE IS FUN.

Yeah. Now venture forth and write! :)
Emilia Plater

Emilia is a YA author who avoids studying, food that isn't covered in cheese, and waking up before 10:30AM whenever possible. A bundle of confusions.

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  1. ok! tomorrow's exercise is sorted. see you in the morning for some lying on the ground action, suckers!

  2. I sit at a desk all day at work, my co-workers laugh at me when I stretch and do push ups against my desk, but hey you got to get the blook flowing! :-)

  3. Ha, thanks for cracking me up this morning. I'm going to do the Lion King opening right now with one of my daughter's stuffed animals.

  4. THIS is amazing. just thinking about picking up my 45 pound mutt and lifting her over my head cracked me up. she would be the wiggliest lab in the city :)

  5. I love this idea! I'll have to use it myself AND steal it to use in my classroom before creative writing. So fun!

  6. Pure awesomeness! I know I definitely feel more creative after the gym, but 30 seconds?? Sign me up!

  7. whoops, I meant 3 minutes. Probably time to go do that exercise now.

  8. Oh, LOL. This is the exact type of exercise that'll suit me :)

  9. I can't believe I've never done the Lion King thing with my dog. Must rectify.

  10. Staring at the bunny hopping so far above the ground seems exhausting enough. But that could be the whole laughing-a-stitch-into-my-side effect of this post. I'm imagining some brave soul bellowing "Giddyup!" astide their 80 pound german shepherd.

    This was so great!

  11. This is the best exercise routine I have EVER heard of! *jumps up and down while holding a pet above head*

  12. Too funny. I appreciate the encouragement to do whatever it takes to get the creative juices going.

  13. Nice! I need to get off the couch and get lunch. While waiting for it to warm up, I will find my cat and left him above my head and sing! Phew! I can check exercise off my list today :)


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