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Field Trip Friday: August 19, 2011


siriusly Sketchballs. Publish America promises to show your book to JK Rowling, for the low low price of $49-- the link was here but has since been taken down. JKR's people sent them a cease and desist letter. Publish America sent one back, pointing out that "you can't keep us from her house." Yes. This sounds like a solid marketing plan...

We're also giving the side eye to BlueInk Review: for a couple hundred dollars, they'll write a review that you can kill if it's not positive. Oooookay.


- How to keep your butt in the chair, from Pimp My Novel.

- Write On Con had a ton of great information for writers this week. A few highlights:
- Your weekly dose of writing inspiration and encouragement comes in clean form from author Jessica Corra, and in profanity-laced hilarity from Chuck Wendig.

- Agent Sarah LaPolla tells you how to get an MFA in five not-so-easy steps.

- Need a beta reader? Check out Ladies Who Critique.

- Author Malinda Lo gives you a tremendously helpful tour of revising with Scrivener.

- Cockeyed Caravan has the ultimate story checklist.

- Author Janice Hardy explains how to describe your first-person narrator.

- Kids' authors take a bunch of the spots in this year's Top Earning Authors list at Forbes.

- Jane Friedman helps you find and apply for writing grants.

- Feeling angst-y over your title? Don't. Author Vonna Carter looks at titles that changed between book deal and release day.

- Author Kathleen Peacock takes a look at big screen writer characters and their wardrobes.


- Book blogger Stephanie's "Quixotic quest" to save the Monstrumologist series succeeds! Her write in campaign convinced Simon & Schuster to reverse their decision to discontinue the series. Bookshelves of Doom has an interview with author Rick Yancey, and he also answers some questions in the comments.

- Authors, critics, and editors weigh in on "great books that aren't all that great," at Slate.

- Oh no! Spoilers! Don't worry: psychologists say spoilers will make you enjoy the story more.

- Not sure what to read next? Check out BookLamp, a "Pandora for books."

- The top ten books that influenced JRR Tolkien.

- Why you should read those hardbacks with the dust jacket off, from author Erin Bowman.

- Livia Blackburn reports on a study that shows reading about vampires will make you sparkly.

- YAtopia wants to know how you feel not about love triangles, but actual threesomes.


- The Intern tells the truth about fielding multiple agent offers.

- Writing a query? Agent Kathleen Ortiz has some pointers for you.

- Author Karen Witemeyer on surviving your first year as a published author.

- YA authors Tahereh Mafi, Cindy Pon, and Morgan Rice weigh in at the NYT on the future of publishing.

- John Scalzi and friends propose a new deal reporting system, starting with "Shitty" and ending with "I'm Buying the Next Round."

- Why agent Kate Testerman hates conference pitches.

- YES. Social networking works. (Can we please stop asking this question now?)


- HUGE congrats to YA Highway contributor Stephanie Kuehn, who is now agented by Michael Bourret of Dystel & Goderich Literary Management. Go Steph!

Pottermore screenshot - Publishers Weekly's sneak peak at Pottermore makes me want to cry for not getting beta access.

- You either love The Help or you hate it. Roxane Gay hates it.

- Author James Frey says, "I don't even write anymore. I let others do it." Well. La dee dah.

- One British Columbia library will soon start checking out people. And not like, hey baby, how you doin'. Like "meet with experts over coffee."

- English majors, do not despair. Celebrities have come from your ranks! (via Vicki Lame)

- Congrats to the newest YA Rebels!


- Stalking the Bookshelves is giving away a copy of Juliet Immortal!

- A Thousand Little Pages is giving away an ARC of Bloodlines!

- Very cool: Author Paul Joseph will give your nominated teacher ten new middle grade novels for his/her classroom library!

I kind of failed at the random this week, but luckily Sarah, Michelle, and Kaitlin had my back. Thanks ladies!

World's best fliers making fun of other fliers (click the links for slideshows)
cats not cans

The best way to conceal alcohol in Facebook photos:
cats not cans

Ten Most Pissed Off Cats at Cat Fashion Show:
pissed off cat

Ten Cutest Sloth Moments:
sloths are freaking adorable

I like puns.
rowling in the deep

Have a great weekend!
~ Kate Hart

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  1. A people library - wow! Wish I'd had access to one of those when I was in college.

  2. Welcome back, Kate, and thanks for the great links as usual! :)

  3. Love Field Trip Friday! And I thought the article on spoilers was really great. I realized I spoil books for myself whenever I'm not enjoying it very much, and it actually helps pull me through the rest of the book!


  4. Thanks for compiling all of this - it's so helpful! Especially in the midst of WriteOnCon!

  5. Thanks for sharing the awesome Monstrumologist news, Kate!

  6. Thanks for the shoutout, Kate!


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