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Field Trip Friday: July 15, 2011


inigo montoya - 8 words you're confusing with other words, at Cracked.

- Why you shouldn't give too much weight to anonymous online critics.

- M. Molly Backes has lovely advice for a mother hoping to help her daughter become a writer.

- I really identify with this post on setting from author Ally Condie

- The NYT says, "Think you have a book in you? Think again."

- You can't know how you'll handle things, says author Nova Ren Suma. 

- Author Jane Lebak explains why you should argue with your critique partners.

- Ever wonder what it's like to write full-time? Jessica Spotswood says "wonderful... and profoundly weird;" Saundra Mitchell gives some details on the schedule(s) she follows

- "We can write about them in so many different ways, and they never lose their power." The Intern on big truths.

- Lee and Low Books talk about how to break the storytelling mold.

- Author Lori Wilde defines "high concept."

- Author Veronica Roth makes a compelling argument for why writers actually need to grow a thinner skin.

- The DGLM blog praises books that make you cry.
A book that can trigger that kind of emotional response, for whatever reason should be lauded. As much as it’s mildly embarrassing to tear up in front of a roomful of strangers, there’s always a bathroom to hide in. Too often people aren’t affected enough by the humanity in everything—life, literature, music—it doesn’t matter, so when the waves come over me, I always kind of love it. Simply being able to feel things in a world where people have come to pride themselves on their thick skins and jadedness makes me just fine about being a weeper.


- Agent Janet Reid warns against the advice of "YA tourists."

- On the heels of Maureen Johnson's funny "Is it a dystopian?" hashtag, Erin Bowman offers up a handy chart

- I'm a few months late, but I had to share the Random Acts of Kindness meme over at Book Soulmates. Sign up, post your book wish list, and make someone else's day.

- Rachel Stark reevaluates her reaction to Twilight in the wake of #yasaves.

- Want to find book blogs? Google Custom Search can hook you up.

- Why women writers and stories about women are taken less seriously, by Max Barry. Turns out the answer is dogs and Smurfs.

- Abortion "isn’t just a routine controversial topic; the media silence has silenced all of us, so that women’s stories, common to so many of us, are not being told." Author Ellen Levine on the curious absence of abortion in fiction.

- Captain Obvious strikes again: Kids and adults approach reading in different ways, reports Time.

- Want to read something besides YA and don't know where to start? Agent Sarah LaPolla has suggestions for "gateway books."

- Elizabeth Bird wonders, "When a poor reader reads aloud to a child, can that person do more harm than good in instilling a love of reading?"

- In case you were wondering whether all the pre-ordered copies of John Green's new book will be signed...

- Kudos to Teen Vogue (words I never thought I'd say) for featuring 25 diverse YA titles in their must-read summer books feature. Not only did they genre right (in other words, they recognized that YA is the reading level, and listed individual genres like sci-fi, romance, etc.), they also featured a wide variety, and scored bonus points with me for including nonfiction like the Grammar Girl series. 


- Dude. Beck is starting a printing press

- Why NYT bestseller Brunonia Barry wouldn't self-publish again

- Author Janice Hardy has tips on marketing for middle grade.

- Jealous of that three book deal? Ha! Try a SEVENTY FIVE BOOK DEAL on for size.

- GalleyCat crunches the numbers to figure out the worst times to pitch a publishing professional.

- Author K. Marie Criddle has a super cute illustration of the party we're all a part of

- Agent Ginger Clark compares the pros and cons of single, two and three book deals.

- Publishers Weekly has a map of Amazon's various state sales tax battles. They also have good news: Jobs for writers, artists, and designers are expected to grow.

- What does an editorial director actually do? Alvina Ling explains.

- Agent Jessica Faust revises her advice on what to do with multiple offers of representation.

- Are you addicted to querying? Author Nina Badzin has help.


no vampires - Are you going to ComicCon next week? Some of our very favorite people are going to be there! Twifans has a ComicCon guide for Twilight fans, and I hope you'll listen to it, because our girl Veronica Roth will be at the Summit booth and we'd appreciate if you did not tear her to pieces trying to get at sparkly vampire celebs. Although you might be trying to get at Vee herself, since NPR picked DIVERGENT as one of the novels most likely to fill the hole left by Harry Potter!

- BIG CONGRATS to YA Highway contributor Sumayyah Daud, who is now agented by Ammi-Joan Paquette of Erin Murphy Literary!

- You read Sugar at The Rumpus, right? It's totally genius, yes? Now you can get that wisdom in poster form. 

- Our girl Sarah Enni has a great guest post about taming phone anxiety-- very helpful before an agent or editor call.

- Internet providers are cracking down on piracy. The NYT discusses effects on Hollywood and the music indistry; should be interesting to see how publishing gets in on the act, if at all.

- Google+ is up and running, and seems to be meeting with enthusiasm. LifeHacker has a cheat sheet of Google+  tips for you; Robert Lee Brewer has 11 Google+ tips specifically for writers; Randy Tayler has 8 rules for joining a new social network; Eric S. Riley explains the panic over Google's terms of service regarding photography; and of course Debbie Ridpath Ohi is on top of things with a newbie's guide, lists of publishing folks to follow, and more.


- Hayley Vornholt, who is generally the bomb, is celebrating 100 followers with a three book giveaway!

- Win a copy of Cinderella: Ninja Warrior from Ex Libris!

- Two chances at a copy of The Wrong Path!

- Redesign the cover of Invincible Summer and win a bunch of prizes from Hannah Moskowitz!

- Multiple chances to win an edit from Cassandra Marshall: At Brenda Drake's pitch contest or on Cass's own blog!

- Win a copy of Small Town Sinners from our friends at Stacked!

- Join Carrie Harris for "Night of the Giving Dead" -- win one of two grand prizes or bid on auction items! Then head over to Claire Dawn's blog and win a copy of Carrie's book, Bad Taste In Boys.

- Check out Lale on Lit's "Girl Power Bookfest"!

- Rebecca Behrens wants to give you an ARC of Lola and the Boy Next Door!

- Catherine Ryan Hyde has a big critique package up for grabs at TLC Auctions.

- Agent and general genius Betsy Lerner is giving away three signed copies of The Forest of the Trees to the best real or imagined flap copy in her comments.


- The era may be over but Lord Voldemort cannot be stopped.

- How Harry Potter changed publishing, at io9.

- Find out what your patronus would be, at the Warner Brothers site (mine is a stag!).

- How to make double chocolate cauldron cakes!

- Hogwarts recreated using 602,000 matchsticks.

keep calm hermione

- The Hollywood Reporter has a bunch of HP trivia, including 25 surprising facts about the wizards' wands and props. (And yes, I corrected their apostrophe.)

- The HuffPo has, and I quote, "The Most WTF Unofficial Harry Pottery Merchandise."

- Pretty sure I couldn't disagree with this article any harder if I tried, but The Atlantic discusses how the HP movies succeeded where JK Rowling failed. (Seriously, I had trouble typing "JK Rowling" and "failed" in the same sentence.) 

- Matthew Lewis (aka Neville Longbottom) is pretty much having the best. week. EVER, as VH1 names him a "WILF." I'll let you go find out what that stands for, if you can't guess. 

- Can't stand to see the magic end? Pottermore has launched a blog and Twitter feed so you don't have to miss a minute of JK Rowling's next venture.

More great Mean Girls/HP mashup pics here.

HP stars trying to speak American, take two:

- Weird writing habits of famous authors, at Flavorwire.

- Don't want your boss to catch you playing online? Make your Facebook feed look like an innocent Excel chart.  (via @smartbitches)

File under: What. The. Hell. (via Janet Reid)

Have a great weekend!
~ Kate Hart
Kate Hart

Kate is the author of After the Fall, coming January 24, 2017 from Farrar, Straus and Giroux. A former teacher and grant writer, she now owns a treehouse-building business in the Ozarks and hosts the Badass Ladies You Should Know interview series.

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  1. Thanks for the awesome links! I had fun checking them out. :)

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  7. Thanks for FTF, these links are always so helpful! Checking it all out pretty much takes over my Friday mornings, now. Today, I wasn't productive at all until well after 10 AM.

  8. Thank you so much for including my drawing! You are totally the life of the party. :D

  9. Love the links, especially the Harry Potter section. The HuffPost also ran a great article about Hermione in particular, linked to here:


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