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Review: Chaos Unleashed by Barry Hoffman

The summary, from the back of the book:

One girl must learn that being true to yourself is one of life's greatest honors. 

Nothing is as it seems in a world where the living mingle with the dead and dreams can turn into frightening reality. Chaos is beginning to spread across the land and Dara is all that stands between the salvation of her beautiful homeland and its total destruction. 

Together, with friends from past journeys and new allies who may not be what they seem, Dara must build an army to confront Chaos. But as she and her army prepare for the final battle, Dara realizes that the only person she can really count on is herself...

This is the third book in a series, and while I would say you don't have to read the first two first (he does enough recapping that you won't be confused), I would recommend that you do, because you'll miss a lot of the story otherwise. The biggest strength of this series is definitely the inventiveness. There are all sorts of well-described fantasy creatures and the world building is solid. At times, certain details were hammered home too hard, repeated too many times, and I wished the author would trust a bit more that I'd gotten it the first time. But if you're looking for an adventurous fantasy read, check this series out.
Kaitlin Ward

Kaitlin Ward is the author of Bleeding Earth, Adaptive Books 2016, and The Farm, coming 2017 from Scholastic.

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Item Reviewed: Review: Chaos Unleashed by Barry Hoffman Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Kaitlin Ward