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The Writer Workout

After what has seemed like the longest winter in history, summer is almost upon us. Temperatures are rising, and if your word count is too, then you've probably been logging in some serious hours behind the computer screen. Can't break away from your desk for a good work out? No problemo. There's plenty of exercises you can do without leaving your chair. Because eventually, we will have to leave the chairs, you know. Or the neighbors send cops to check on you.

I feel the need to include a disclaimer. Don't injure yourself doing this stuff. Please.

Looking for some cardio to kick start your heart? Wiki Fitness suggests the Pump and Run

Look kids! You can do it in your snuggie!
Pump both arms over your head for 30 seconds like you're "raising the roof". Then, quickly tap your feet on the floor, as if running through tires, for 30 seconds. Repeat this process for four to six minutes.  

Wanting to snag some killer abs? (ha. yeah, me too). Try the We're Not Worthy!
Sit down, if you're not already. Stick out your legs so that they're straight, at a 45 degree angle to the floor. Raise both your arms above your head, hands together, extending out so that you're as flat as can be. Bending back and crunching at your abs, bring your arms as forward as you can and slowly back up to the extended position. 3 sets of 15 reps should be good.

And, finally, if you want a better bum, how about the Thirty Second Rump Squeeze?

Tighten your butt. Really. Squeeze your "cheeks" together as tightly as you can, and hold for ten seconds. Release. Repeat 10 times. Do this five times a day. The tighter you squeeze, the better results you'll get.

Got some writer work-out tips? List 'em below!
Amanda Hannah

Amanda grew up on a big farm in a small town with one stoplight, one school, and a handful of imaginary friends.She would’ve gone to college forever, but eight years and five majors tested her advisor’s patience. So she moved to Germany to explore creepy castles before landing in Spain where she’s perfecting her Flamenco.

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  1. And, of course, you can mallwalk. :)

    Would it be creepy to say I'm currently sitting on a bus doing #3 as I type this?

  2. Dance Dance Revolution, Wii Fit or any of those exercise videogames are good ^_^

  3. *squeezes butt cheeks together*
    *does the "we're not worthy" in Amanda's general direction*

  4. Maybe I'll use this to motivate myself. I'll clench my abs for 150 words. I can't unclench until I hit the number--fairly, no jibberish.

  5. There are some great yoga poses using chairs. Thanks for the tips

  6. Just before I read this I was trying to justify not going to the gym. Thanks for the tips!

    (still going to the gym though - making myself!)


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