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Field Trip Friday: May 27, 2011

Kate Hart is out in the woods this week strangling bears and kicking Chuck Norris's ass, so I'm filling her thigh-high combat boots for this field trip.


The Big Thrill has a killer roundtable with agents Debbie Carter, Janet Reid, Nicholas Croce and Jenny Bent answering the question: "What is the one thing authors can do to help make you, and ultimately themselves, more successful?"

Natalie Fischer offers suggestions on revisions, and more importantly, re-envisions.

Why the Intern's grandma isn't her critique partner.

Cheryl Klein muses on thematic and emotional points in novels.

Writer's Relief provides some sound advice on turning those pesky acceptances into the rejections we all long for.


The Guardian has a fun quiz on dunces in fiction. (If you don't get the first one right...seriously.)

Food Network star Sandra Lee scored a 5 book deal with Hyperion. If it's an MG fantasy about a land called Tablescapes, I quit.

USAToday examines "The Oprah Effect" on the publishing world (and Oprah disses Dickens, just a little bit). In the meantime, Penguin is offering 20% off all of her book club books until June 15th.

"As more buying moves online, will impulse buying die?" Publisher's Weekly ponders this thought.

Mary DeMuth wonders what a truly interactive ebook would look like.

YALSA has a few tips for authors interested in summer reading school visits.


Something called "BEA" happened in NYC this week. Birds Eating Avocados? Big Earthworms Association? Kate Testerman didn't attend but has a description for you. (I think it has to do with books and booze.) The New York Times claims e-books were the buzz of the expo, and Publisher's Weekly has a round-up of the most talked-about MG/YA books at the event.

On Sunday, Publisher's Weekly confirmed rumors that agent Larry Kirshbaum is leaving agenting and taking on the role of VP and publisher for Amazon Publishing's New York office.

As more writers turn to self-publishing, Rachelle Gardner wonders who will serve the reader.

Janet Reid has a tip or two on how to find out if your agent is an idiot.


Cinna. Lenny Kravitz. One can only hope the soundtrack will include "Panemian Woman."

This artist created his own interesting book covers for a few well-known titles.

@NathanBransford explains how NOT to work the wonder of the Twitter Reply.

The New York Times confirms what I've known all along: Coffee is good for you.


Regal Lit is having a YA Summer Giveaway! Enter for your chance to win Kirsten Hubbard's LIKE MANDARIN, Elana Johnson's POSSESSION and Matt Blackstone's A SCARY SCENE IN A SCARY MOVIE.

Win a partial manuscript critique by publisher Elizabeth Law (and check out her great interview) at Cynsations.

Harper's giving away 5 signed ARCs of BREADCRUMBS, a middle grade novel inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's "The Snow Queen," on Goodreads.

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Someecards explains why the rapture didn't happen after all:

 And speaking of bad ass:

 [via Tetromania]

But Hulk and Chuck got nothin' on Darth. Especially Darth salsaing.

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  1. Contest: I'm giving away a copy of The Splendor Falls by Rosemary Clememte Moore here

  2. Lions, Tiger and bears, oh my? Not with Chuck Norris around! Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Dude. If I had thigh-high combat boots, I would take over the world. (Thank you for filling in, MiSchu!!!)

  4. Darth Vader is from Miami/the Caribbean? AWESOME!


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