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Field Trip Friday: April 8, 2011


Bologna Book Fair wrapped up and Publisher's Weekly has an overview.


- Author Francisco X. Stork says, "Be kind to yourself."

- Five things agent Kim Lionetti has learned about writing from her son with autism.

- How to fix self-defeating writing behaviors, from Routines for Writers.

- Author Nova Ren Suma talks literary writing and plot.

- Details depend on the character: Making "description" subjective, by author Juliette Wade.

- Author Sarah Skilton looks at writing a boy's POV.

- Agent extraordinaire Sarah LaPolla has tips on writing historical novels.  

- How to get published? Lisa Schroeder says that "many times, the person asking the question hasn't even written a book yet," which is like "a single girl with no boyfriend going around asking new brides for recommendations on caterers, florists, wedding cakes, etc." Read the rest of her advice at the Crowe's Nest.

- Lovely post from author C.J. Redwine about following your vision:
If it doesn't hurt, if it doesn't scrape you raw, if it doesn't make something in you bleed, if your honesty doesn't scare the sleep from your eyes, if the truth you deliver in all of its messy authenticity doesn't breathe down the back of your neck, then you may need to push harder. Dig deeper. Stand in the mess, in the beauty, in the singular heart-break and hope that is your vision and stop listening to those who say it isn't.


- The internet exploded late last week when a bunch of pictures from "Breaking Dawn" were leaked. And not just a shot or two of Edward and Bella cuddling-- these were wedding dress, headboard breaking, vampire baby, *insert other much-anticipated plot point here* pictures. There was even a video.

Predictably, Summit is freaking out: They want you to report anyone who posts leaked material, and a quick search on Tumblr reveals several people have gotten warning letters ostensibly from the company. Even Perez Hilton's post has been taken down. RPattz is pissed. But pics are still out there, easily found with remedial Google-fu, and a few more leaked Thursday. (I cannot TELL you guys how tempting it is to find and post a pic here, but when even the lovely-crazy chicks at Twitarded think it's a bad idea, I listen.)


Photobucket - More on the Wicked Pretty Things debacle, which Cleolinda Jones points out, "was about to die down," until it "took a hard left turn onto WTF Street." One good thing to come out of the mess: the blog Gay YA was created to promote LGBTQ inclusion.

- Agent Jenny Bent says she's a conduit, not a gatekeeper.

- Everyone feels like a failure at some point in this business = your weekly wisdom from agent Rachelle Gardner.

- Five ways YA authors can use WeeWorld, from GalleyCat.

- Five ways to make the most of a small blog audience, from Write It Sideways. 

- "The Internet is a terrifying place to make a mistake." Nathan Bransford with more on the Greek Seaman review debacle. (I got to use the word "debacle" twice this week. Must have been an exciting week.)

- The KOrtizzle is going on query hiatus and will not be fooled by your stealth queries!

- Pimp My Novel is doing a "Better Know A Conference" series, including an entry about SCBWI.

- I've been doing a series of posts breaking down the numbers in YA deals.

- "We Are All Savages Inside" ~ Sugar at The Rumpus on dealing with jealousy:
You know that woman you mentioned who recently got the book deal—the one you describe as among your best friends? She knows you’re not truly happy for her. She knows it even if she’s convinced herself that she doesn’t know it; even if she’s tried to explain away whatever weird vibe you emitted when you pretended to be happy for her about her good news. She knows because you can’t fake love and generosity of spirit. It’s either there or it isn’t. The fact that when someone you profess to care deeply about shared with you something excellent that happened to her you had to fake your joy sucks way more than the fact that you haven’t yet gotten the five or six figure book deal you’re so convinced you deserve. And if you want to have a real, true, deep, authentic, satisfying, kickass, righteous life, I advise you to get that shit straightened out first.


Photobucket - The Bookanistas are giving back: See how you can help.

- Head to Elana Johnson's Facebook page for a fun "Tag, You're It" giveaway!

- Book bloggers! Want to attend the Book Blogger Conference in NYC? You've got not just one, but two chances at a scholarship!

- A new Montreal Prize will award $50K to one poem. (via MacAllister Stone)






Have a great weekend!

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  1. Why is it everything Sugar says makes me want to stand up and applaud?

    also, I AM NO BRO. #win

  2. That C. J. Redwine quote gave me the chills.

  3. Awesome as always. The Redwine quote is simply breathtaking. And Sugar ALWAYS knows what to say lol

  4. Thanks so much for linking to my post about writing from the teen male POV! Much appreciated.

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