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Field Trip Friday: April 22, 2011

Kate's still fishing (and writing!)
This Week In Writing:

The always hysterical Intern counts down the Top 10 Reasons You Should Rewrite That.

What's that Toto? We're not in Kansas anymore? If you find your story demands a setting that, well, doesn't exist, Kathleen Peacock has you covered with her guest post at The Other Side of the Story on Creating a Fictional Town.

Josh Getzler says no news is . . . ready for it? No news. Nothing more, nothing less.

Renee Collins over at Midnight Meditations has a wonderful post about the one thing we all need to succeed.

So you wanna be a professional writer? (HOLD UP. I totally just found the next big reality television show.) Terrible Minds has a funny, but rather honest list of why you might not be ready.

And another great one on Janice Hardy's blog helps you decide if your descriptions are helping your story or holding it back.

Karen Healey breaks down the hot topic of sex and young adults.

Veronica Roth opens up about fear in a beautiful post here.

This Week In Reading:

How well-read can one truly be? Even if you don't sleep a wink, you'll never get to 'em all. But the NPR says well-read isn't a destination.

Can't wait for Veronica Roth's DIVERGENT to hit the shelves in May? Get a taste by finding out which faction you'd belong to here!  

This Week In Publishing:

Heading to BEA this May? Our own Kody Keplinger will be there signing books May 26 from 11 a.m. to 12:30 at table seven! Stop by and say hi! (You'll find she's rather awesome.)

And in some more awesomeness, Kody and another lovely highwayer, Kirsten Hubbard, are going to be part of this year's Teen Author Carnival!!

You wrote a book. Now what do you do? Tahereh has a great post for anyone who has questions about what happens next.

And if you are about to dangle those toes into the dark void of angst fantastic exercise in patience, also known as querying, Sarah LaPolla offers the Ultimate Query Tips.

Considering e-publishing? Huffington Post explains why you want to go higher than .99 cents (where the heck is the cent symbol on this keyboard?!)  

This Week In Contests:
Some great giveaways this week!

Jenny's giving away a signed copy of Ellen Hopkins' GLASS. Head over to her blog to enter.

Gretchen McNeil's giving away an ARC of her debut novel, Possessed.

Abbey Stevens has an interview with Christina Mandelski and is giving away a copy her debut novel The Sweetest Thing.

Jennifer's giving away a book of your choice and an ARC of HALF-BLOOD.

Lisa's got a Kindle, loaded with two books, up for grabs. Just tell her when/where you'd travel to if you could.  

This Week In the Random:

It's National Poetry Month! Take a walk, drink some chai, and join in on some of the events going on before it's over!

Proof that real-life skills can be obtained from playing World of Warcraft (p.s. not all meese are dangerous. We here at the highway are fluffy, sweet, and wouldn't hurt a fly. Spiders, well, that's another story. o.O)

Watch this. If you're not breathless by the end, I find you strange. The Mountain from Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo.

And finally, a HUGE, HUGE thanks to my highway meese and all their help rounding up links for the post!
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