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Field Trip Friday: March 4, 2011


The YA Mafia! (insert scary music here)

Y'all. I had so much stuff here, I made it a separate post.


- Inspiration from author Gretchen McNeil: "Stubborn or Stupid?"

- Need to research and not sure where to start? Try Google Scholar! (Is there anything Google doesn't do these days?)

- Pam Harris and Marquita Hockaday take an honest look at race in YA, while Phoebe North looks at writing identity in a prejudicial world.

- Writing and parenting are totally compatible, says Lisa Catherine Harper.

- Author Tracey Neithercott put together a fantastic list of writing advice based on last week's Road Trip Wednesday prompt.

- Very detailed post about point of view from author Juliette Wade.

- Lucienne Driver on self-defeating attitudes

- "How To Write in 700 Easy Lessons," by Richard Bausch at the Atlantic.


- Just a few more days until Kirsten Hubbard's Like Mandarin debuts! Check out her post on the serendipity of setting, and don't miss her book trailer!

- The girls at Forever Young Adult got to share some YAngelism in The Daily Texan.

- How to reach the e-Teen, from Publishers Weekly.

- Highwayer Michelle Schusterman contributed to this great post at Matador: 45 Fiction Recommendations for Travel Writers.


- Meredith Barnes at FinePrint has an awesome new blog, focusing on digital developments and online media in publishing.

- HarperCollins explains its cap on e-books policy.

- Author Susan Dennard hooks you up with an easy formula for queries. ("Easy" is a relative term.)

- There's been a lot of talk this week about actor Charlie Sheen's public mental disintegration-- and in publishing, his claim that his memoir is worth $10 million. However, I'm with Maureen Johnson: Let's focus on the real issue-- his history of domestic abuse.

- All marketing efforts are not equal. Author Jody Hedlund on getting the word out for traditional versus self-published books.

- Publishers are finding new and surprising places to sell books-- Urban Outfitters, anyone? (via Rebecca Behrens)

- The Guardian launches an adult-free books website for kids.

- Do teen focus groups matter? Agent Mary Kole says from where she sits, not really.

- Seven things author Imogen Robertson has learned so far, including "being nice works" and "being published can be oddly upsetting."

- A self-proclaimed depressing look at the realities of getting published, from Contently.

- Justine Musk at Tribal Writer examines whether blogging is a waste of time (via an also great link: Managing Your Computer Time from Shrinking Violet Productions). And wow, while I'm pimping Justine, you should check out her post about the value of fiction. Um, and her post about creating a fascinating personal brand, which includes this bit of wisdom:
"Find something that offends you, pisses you off, and see how you can develop your brand against that, so that you represent something bigger than yourself."


- File under Things I Want: Scrabble with custom typography (via Elise Howard)


- Check out Denise Jaden's March Madness challenge and enter to win a whole slew of prizes.

- Lisa Desrochers will be giving away some ARCs of Original Sin.

- The DNA Writers have an Epic Double Helix contest with books, crits, gift cards and more.

- Jess R. Sheaffer is doing a giveaway on her blog. 

- WIFYR is holding a pre-conference drawing for books and crits.


From the Oscars, a bizarre auto-tune ... I hesitate to call it a song, but I guess I have to.

Also slightly bizarre: Harry Potter and the Remix of Death.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Yay! Thanks so much for the linkage...and loved your roundup of the YA Mafia. :)

  2. Google SCHOLAR??? That is epic. Google just gets cooler and cooler...

  3. These compilation posts are my favorite - thanks for taking the time to assemble all these useful links.

  4. I'm going through my reader and this Field Trip Friday must have gotten stuck in the starred section. So a little late, but thank you for mentioning my post!


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