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Field Trip Friday: March 11, 2011

  Warning: I am not Kate Hart. I am merely trying to fill her sparkly disco boots this week.
KH's Kickers
The Big News This Week
READ ME. I'm sexy.

Like Mandarin by Kirsten Hubbard has officially been released!!! We celebrated with an RTW prompt on who you wanted to be like in high school.

And check out our Like Mandarin contest where you can win copies, candles, camisas and other Mandarin-themed goodies!

This Week In Writing

Jennifer Walkup has a quick, easy revision tip to help you see your WIP like a "real" book.

And if some scenes still aren't working, Sarah Enni has a not-so-quick-and-easy (but very effective) revision tactic that might help.

Why authors sometimes put their unfinished books out of their misery, courtesy of the New York Times Sunday Book Review.

If Jane Austen had only been able to tweet...Don't-Miss Sites for Online Marketing by Jane Friedman (Writer's Digest).

What's the real difference between YA and adult? Not age, says Natalie M. Fischer.

I want to be like Roald Dahl, not least because of his awesome writing hut

This Week In Reading 

After the YA Mafia hoopla of last week, this tweet from @LeahClifford was rather eye-popping. What's the deal, Goodreads?

Does a blog help sell books? Author Roni Loren takes a poll and posts the results.

The Guardian asks, "do you trust Amazon book reviews?"

Inspiring story on how a lawyer started a book club for the homeless.

Little Red Riding Hood
gets an makeover as an "art book-graphic novel hybrid." (Courtesy of the LA Times)

This Week In Publishing

Sarah Davies reads you your rights. (Domestic and foreign rights, that is.)

Going Hollywood: Rachelle Gardner explains the mystery behind books that become movies, then follows up with an explanation of what your book's chances are at stardom.

Dystel & Goderich Lit weighs in on the success of Amanda Hocking and what it takes to be truly successful in self-publishing, and Nathan Bransford lets his commenters have a word or two. Kristin Nelson supports self-published authors, but voices a few concerns on underestimating what it takes to be successful on that route.

The process of getting a book cover (and whether the "right" one is actually best for the book), by D&G Lit (again). Want a peek into the book cover creation process? Monica Lee walks us through it in a guest post on agent Rachelle Gardner's blog.

The Observer pontificates on editorial assisterati.  Mer Barnes has a bone to pick with them, while Suzie Townsend rips the article apart and sets fire to the pieces.

Nathan Bransford utters the unholiest of words: I don't know if I can go back to paper. He follows with an explanation of why e-lords – I mean e-books – sometimes cost more than hardcovers.

This Week In Other Stuff

What do the French call French kissing? Find out with this video on the science of making out. (Hint: It's more poetic.) (via @thedaysbetween)

Sick of hearing about Charlie Sheen? Download "Tinted Sheen" for Firefox or Chrome to black-bar any mention of his name. (Via Good)

This Week In the Random

The iPad 2 has been announced. It's made from the same material as Wolverine's skeleton.


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  1. Awesome job, Mischu! Sparkly disco boots lolololol

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  9. Thanks for including my link! :) I'll have to check out some of these others that I missed this week.

  10. The link about YA vs Adult was very helpful. I had been wondering about that for a long time. It makes so much sense now. Thank you very much :3


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