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Field Trip Friday: February 4, 2011


Image Source Bitch Media's "100 Young Adult Books for the Feminist Reader" got some revisions over the weekend due to reader complaints-- specifically, Sisters Red by Jackson Pierce, Tender Morsels by Margo Lanagan, and Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott were removed. Authors such as Maureen Johnson, Scott Westerfeld, Justine Larbalestier, Diana Peterfreund, and Ellen Klages subsequently asked for their titles to be removed as well.


- "Once Upon a Yawn"-- Query Tracker answers "What makes a boring story?"

- Editor Jevon Oakman Bolden has 8 ways to get yourself focused. (via @elizabethscraig)

- Author Stephenie Perkins shows her "love list" technique for staying motivated, over at Natalie Whipple's blog.

- Author Candy Gourlay gives a recap of Sara Zarr's moving SCBWI NY speech, and author Colleen Mondor reflects on how she's already won by living a creative life.

- Author Joanna Penn talks about "Writing and the Mixed Blessing of a Day Job."

- Check out the superpowers of the grammatical subject, from author Juliette Wade.

- Writer's Relief has seven tips for avoiding eyestrain.

- Need to know what Paris or Berlin or San Fran sound like? Check out Soundcities for help creating ambiance. (via @molly_oneill) 

- Sean Wills insists compound words are not the wave of the future, at the Interrobangs.


- Who's your YA Valentine? Find out at Teenreads.

- Think complaints of women being underrepresented in lit crit are unfounded? The numbers don't lie.

- Are you reading Diversity In YA? They are doing a fab weekly round up of diversity-related links.

- One more reason children's books are important: A book from the 1940s sheds light on historical race and slavery issues.

- Twitarded has the latest round of terrifying Twilight tattoos. (Twitarded is hysterical but generally NSFW.)

- Author Jim C. Hines has 20 Neil Gaiman facts, including: 
  • Neil Gaiman is the reason nobody teaches “I before E except after C” anymore.
  • Some authors write in omniscient point of view.  Neil Gaiman lives it.
  • Neil Gaiman can tweet 175 characters.


- Author Mike Duran on why we should love the books we hate.

- Agent Holly Root asks you to rethink ARCs.

- Contracts are taking even longer than usual, reports agent Kristin Nelson.

- Author Kerry Madden has an amazing list of publicity ideas-- from high tech to no tech.

- How quickly can you submit again to an agent? Jennifer Laughran explains.

- MacAllister Stone (who we love, have we mentioned that?) sounds the alarm about a new "literary agent matchmaking service."

- Could reading a book at bedtime save publishing? Can't hurt! Author Sean Cummings leads the way.

- Do blog tours really work? Author Janice Hardy crunches the numbers. Meanwhile, Myra McEntire, Lisa Desrochers and Shannon Delany share their marketing secrets at Adventures in Children's Publishing.


oneprettything - One Pretty Thing, one of my very favorite DIY sites, has a "Blogging Tip Roundup" with tips on creating headers, templates, blog buttons and more.

- WriteOnCon needs a web designer

- Completely unrelated, but Craft Hope hosts a project every month that helps worldwide charities. This month is Konbit Sante, an organization that works to improve health conditions in Haiti, where only 1 in 10,000 people has reliable access to a doctor. No craft skills needed- just gather up a few items and make a big difference. (Note: Their site appears to be down Thursday evening - hopefully it will be back up by the time this posts!)


scbwi logo - The deadline for SCWBI's writing grants is coming up! Applications are due March 15.

- Handy in Photoshop? Have a writing mantra you'd like to wear? MG Buehrlen is having a t-shirt design contest-- submit your design and you could win a shirt, mug, or other prize!

- Author Victoria Schwab has ARCs of her book, The Near Witch, plus swag and more!


If this doesn't keep you up at night, I don't know what will: You may have seen "Do The Creep" on SNL last weekend, but no one does the creep like Edward Cullen.

do the cullen creep

Also, I wasted several hours this week on Failbook.

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    Have a great weekend!

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    1. wow great stuff as always. Thanks

    2. Failbook sucks me in for hours. It's almost as good for my mood as watching videos of kittens on YouTube!

    3. Hey, thanks for the link to my post! I was flattered to see it in my Google Reader this morning.

      My name is actually 'Sean Wills', though - no second i! Almost everybody makes this mistake, but I figure I should try to get my real name out there before I get anything published (fingers crossed).

      Thanks again for the link!

    4. Thanks Erinn!

      Abby, kittens will getcha every time. LOL

      Oops, sorry Sean! Will fix it asap!

    5. wow!! FTF is especially epic this week. thanks for the fantastic round-up as always, kate hart!

    6. Awesome as ever! Especially appreciated the eyestrain link because I do have that issue from time to time :)

    7. Thank you very much for the link! I appreciate it.


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