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Field Trip Friday: February 18, 2011


Borders filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. What does this mean for you?

Meanwhile, in YA:
Author Martin Amis claimed only a brain injury could make him write for children. Quill and Quire pointed out this isn't the first time Amis has been a tool; DGLM looked at the larger issue of liking work by authors you can't stand, and author Maureen Johnson was glad that Amis took up the official role of "douchebag."


- Author Phoebe North reminds us, "There are no shortcuts. At least none worth taking."

- Author Gary Corby has an amazing system for smoothing narrative flow and deciding which characters to keep. (I had to read his post a few times to understand all the ways this is useful, but now that I've grokked it, I can't wait to try it.)

- Do you have a writing career theme? Author Janice Hardy explains how choosing now can save headaches later.

- Why finishing a book is inevitably deflating, from author Matthew J. Kirby (via @molly_oneill).

- "Fail better next time," says superstar Veronica Roth. (I'm running out of superlatives for her.)

- So many fantastic quotes in this guest post at Routines for Writers by Erin Bow, about the writing office space she created in an old pole dancing studio.
If you are a writer, or if you want to be, you need to make it important.  You need to make a ruthless and wild-eyed commitment. Say: my writing is as important as my job, as important as my classes, as important as my (gasp!) kids.

Here’s the real secret about this: you will have less guilt if you separate writing like this. It will get rid of that niggling sense that you shouldn’t be watching a sitcom because you Should Be Writing. When you’re in your writing space, write. When you’re not, don’t. Let the guilt go.

Court yourself closer to the writing in the way a church courts us to come closer to God. Ritualize your space and refuse to feel silly about it.


- "I don’t like being put in a box, however lovely it may be." Author Nikki Grimes on the black box and race in children's literature.

- It's just a boob. Lidia Yuknavitch on the battle for a bare breast on her cover.

- The Guardian looks at the knife in YA fiction (via Anne Heron).

- Find out who won The Smoochies...

- A lovely open letter to Madeleine L'Engle at McSweeney's. 

- In case you need it: "30 Literary Quotes That Will Get You Laid," at Flavorwire.


- "Congratulations... I wish I could be lucky like you.” How not to be a "Debbie Downer" in social media, from author Kristen Lamb.

- Author Margaret Atwood gave a timely speech at the Tools of Change Conference, reminding us that technology is a tool just like a hammer: You can build with it, but you can also kill someone or hit your thumb.

- The flip side of building your online presence early: Author Elana Johnson shares her biggest fear, and author Jody Hedlund wonders if young writers feel pressure to jump into the industry too soon.

- How to manage information overload on the web, from Shrinking Violet Promotions, and on a related note, "Ten Mindful Ways to Use Social Media," at Tricycle (via @colleenlindsay).

- Apple versus Amazon -- what will it mean for e-books?

- To blurb or not to blurb, by Bill Morris at The Millions.

- Librarians love book trailers! Surprised? Me too. Check out the article at The Happy Accident.

- Agent Jennifer Laughran explains why publishing is so freaking slow.

Their theory is that if we severely weaken copyright protections, innovation will truly flourish. It’s a seductive thought, but it ignores centuries of scientific and technological progress based on the principle that a creative person should have some assurance of being rewarded for his innovative work.


- I'm generally against the defacing of books, but these pieces by Isaac Salazar, Nicholas Galanin, and Brian Dettmer are pretty awesome.

- Want to be in a book trailer? Author Alissa Grosso needs your help!

- Beautiful list of advice from Sugar at The Rumpus.
The useless days will add up to something. The shitty waitressing jobs. The hours writing in your journal. The long meandering walks. The hours reading poetry and story collections and novels and dead people’s diaries and wondering about sex and God and whether you should shave under your arms or not. These things are your becoming.


- The Class of 2k11 has several fun contests, including "Hands On," "Mashup Mania" and "Cover Recreation.


Author Maggie Stiefvater was a clue on Jeopardy! (image via Valerie Kemp)

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A true fact from XKCD:


From the delightfully twisted mind of Tahereh Mafi:


And bizarrely, James Earl Jones gets Beiber Fever.

Happy Friday!

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  1. Oh man! I made FTF again! (and I LOVE the arrow link). Thanks, Kate!

    Now to go read some yummy links . . .

  2. Whoa, that business about The Vampire Diaries was seriously scary! I can't imagine being fired from writing my own books!

    But a great Field Trip Friday. Thank you so much!

  3. WOW-- it's was sort of grumpy in the YA world this week.

    I had a two part interview and a book giveaway over on my blog if you wanted to check it out.

    I missed the twitter message because I went to bed at like 8... yep, I'm the oldest person on the planet.

  4. Your Friday posts are becoming addictive! :)

  5. Kate, are you watching the Gayle King show?!

  6. Hmmm...I suggested both the boob cover link and the literary pick-up lines link. This may say something about me. Something bad.

    Also, DEBBIE DOWNER!! Forgot all about her. :D


  7. I had to save reading this post until today so that I could adequately read and absorb all of the links. Worth the wait!

    Thank you for yet another helpful and entertaining Field Trip Friday!

    Y'all rock!

    Erin @ Quitting My Day Job

  8. Great Field Trip Friday as usual, Ladies :)


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