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Something tells me I would injure myself on this.
It's that time of year when new gym memberships skyrocket and department stores run sales on treadmills, stair machines, and other rubberband-like contraptions that make me wonder about some of these fitness gurus out there. It's the New Year--a time for us to reflect on the past and set new goals for the future. And if you're a writer, that will likely entail goals about daily word count and/or finishing that novel you've had on the back burner.

The truth is, writing isn't all that different from waking up half-an-hour earlier to fit in some morning yoga. It's one-half discipline, five-halves hard work. Your brain needs the exercise and practice as much as your rump would.

If you're stuck in a certain scene or aren't feeling one of your WIPs, it's okay to let them sit for another day or two. Not dashing out a novel in a month or two doesn't make you a fraud. The important thing is to write something. Anything. Start a journal. Do fifteen minute flash fiction. Write about how you wish you could write, but seem to be stuck in neutral. Or write about the creeper who keeps not-so-discreetly picking his nose at the table next to you in the coffee shop (I know who you are dude and next time I'm sitting far, far away.). Just as with flab-flushing and muscle-massing work outs, your writing brain needs exercise to stay in shape. So pick a time and place and put your fingers on the keys. You never know when inspiration will strike, and by staying in shape you'll be ready to tackle that next SNI.
Amanda Hannah

Amanda grew up on a big farm in a small town with one stoplight, one school, and a handful of imaginary friends.She would’ve gone to college forever, but eight years and five majors tested her advisor’s patience. So she moved to Germany to explore creepy castles before landing in Spain where she’s perfecting her Flamenco.

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  1. Great advice ladies! I always feel better if I write something, no matter how small it may seem.

  2. Even just writing scenes for that SNI that I promise myself will never appear in the real manuscript helps. Also, writing is way more fun than working out.

  3. This is so true :) The cuz and I have set forth our writing goals for 2011 already b/c we agree, making goals for writing is just as important as making goals to lose the extra lbs. Awesome post :)

  4. We really don't need a new year to set goals--- we can pick any day and any hour.

    I love the advice of writing a little bit everyday. Warming up, working out-- instead of waking up one morning and running a marathon-- like writing a whole book in two weeks.


  5. Great advice. You're like a writing personal trainer who gave me a kick in the pants just like my fitness personal trainer who kicked my behind at the (very crowded) gym this morning.


  6. Great advice. I agree with the take it easy and just write something motto. Something I need to apply to my writing habits at the moment. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Definitely great advice. I try to write at least something every day, because otherwise it's just too easy to get out of the habit.


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