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Field Trip Friday: January 28, 2011


During #querychat, a blogger asked agent Jill Corcoran about authors writing book reviews. Jill said she's unlikely to sign someone who hates her clients books. In the wake of the conversation that ensued, author Stacia Kane said you can't be a reviewer and an author. Be sure to read the comments, as well as her follow up. Meanwhile, author E. J. Wesley would rather "have a little backbone," author Claire Dawn offers lots of ways to approach a book review, and author Phoebe North has a thoughtful look at the importance of honesty and excellence.

The blogger who originally asked the question has gone on hiatus.


- How tweeting can help you revise-- really!-- from author Brianne Carter.

- Author CJ Omololu on finding the perfect time to write.

- Highway girl Lee discovered this "new to us" blog, full of writing do's and don't's: Editor Devil.

- Author Lisa Desrochers on the art of critiquing.

- The character doth protest too much. Keep yours out of denial, says agent Mary Kole.

- A simple test for voice, from agent Jessica Faust.

- Five major myths about writing, from author Rick Riordan. 

-Author Sarah Ockler has ten anti-insanity tips for writers.

- Ouch-- feeling a little bruised by a critique? Read the comments of Betsy Lerner's post for real life examples of the worst feedback writers have ever gotten.


- Give infatuation the respect it deserves! Great post on puppy love by author Biljana Likic at Let The Words Flow.

- Why teens like YA, from Dr. Harold Koplewicz at the HuffPo.

- Katie Coops, guest blogger at Forever Young Adult, examines whether YA is prescriptive or descriptive.

- Author Malinda Lo looks at the upcoming season of fantasy covers at the Enchanted Inkpot, and posts on her own blog about race and judging a book by its cover.


- Agent Jennifer Laughran explains when to keep your mouth shut about being on sub.

- What happens to your blog when you die? Author Anne R. Allen suggests you designate an executor.

- Handmade Spark looks at the real message your tweets are sending. (Article focuses on craft blogs, but is applicable to writing too; via @kate_mckean)

- You shouldn't just be writing about writing, says author Dawn Miller (with flattering shout outs to YA Highway- thanks Dawn!). 

- Author/intern C.A. Marshall has a checklist for formatting your manuscript.

- Author Jane Lebak at QueryTracker explains the difference between cliche and compelling in your query.

- How to make requesting blurbs less painful, from author Kiersten White.

- Maria T. Middleton explains just what, exactly, a book designer does. (via @molly_oneill)

- Agent Sarah LaPolla outlines some inappropriate author behaviors (at conferences).


- Emma Straub at The Paris Review talks about "My So-Called Life" and relationships between girls.

- What does Stephenie Meyer's "Head of Global Marketing" do in her spare time? Write YA, of course. EW profiles author Elizabeth Eulberg.


- Wow! Stephanie Jenkins is giving away a Kindle, and that's not all!

- Don't forget our Super Shiny ALA ARC Giveaway!


Which one are you? I'm a Ginny Weasley... and so is my husband. So that's awkward.

Harry Potterscope

Have a great weekend!

Kate Hart

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  1. I love Fridays because of these posts. (And congrats on the great shoutout!)

  2. I... am Lord Voldemort.

    Wow, that felt really ominous.

  3. Well, I just spent half an hour clicking on nearly every single link in this post. And I have half of them still open, so I can keep thinking about them. Well done.

    I've been reading this site for a couple of weeks, and it's become one of my favorites. Just thought you all should know. :)

    I'm a Bellatrix Lestrange. Yipes. Hey, Universe, can I get my birthday changed?

  4. I Am The Boy Who Lived.
    Well, I definitely *am* The Girl Who Lives.
    Great links.

    I think the whole idea of taking a writer based on what they say about other works is wrong! And what's wrong with reviewing other people's works while trying to get published?

  5. Thanks for linking me =) I'm wondering what it says about me that my kids are The Boy Who Lived and Sirius Black, my husband is Dumbldore, and I'm He Who Shall Not Be Named. O_O

    Great post, as usual :p

  6. I'm so thrilled that I'm Ginny too...favorite character FTW!

    I'm sad that I'm going to have to wait till later to fully explore these links.

  7. Yesterday I thought it was Friday, and I was disappointed, because that meant waiting one more day for a Field Trip Friday... but now it is Friday, and I had an awesome time exploring all the awesome links!

  8. I adore Fridays! Kate Hart, you are AWESOME!

    Thanks for linking to my formatting post!

    I'm Hermione Granger! YESSSSSSSSS!

  9. Next time I run a contest, I'll time it so I can maybe be listed on FTF--mine closes at 5pm PST today. Haven't gotten many entries, so if people read this in time, they might be able to get in under the wire.

    Went with some unique prizes: wall candy for your writing space, aka photos by me.

  10. This was totally awesome! Thanks for all the wonderful links and great information.

  11. Aspiring writers can get a critique of up to 8 pages in their WIP (whatever it may be) here:

    Gotta hurry though...I think it ends tomorrow.

    thanks for all the links. :)

  12. *Sings* Voldemort, Voldemort, Volde-volde-voldemort.

  13. Wow! I made the "Big News"? Thanks for the love, guys.

  14. I am Dumbledore. Does that mean I'm dead already?

  15. Two awesome things going on here: 1) I made a freaking FF post! *WOOT* 2) I made a post that also included Harry Potter! *DOUBLE WOOT* Thanks for the love!

    "Clearly fame isn't everything." ~Severus Snape

  16. Thanks for another fabulous field trip! I've been at the day job WAY too much this week, so I missed lots of online goodness -- yahighway's the first place I check to see what went down while I was away. ;)

  17. Thanks for the mention and linkage.

    I'm a Ginny Weasley, too!


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