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Field Trip Friday: December 3


- A balanced look at the benefits of and problems with writing fanfiction, from Robert Smedley at Fuel Your Writing.

- Editor Cheryl Klein on the joys of editing.

- What JK Rowling's writing style can teach you, from blogger Michelle V. Rafter

- A detailed guide to formatting your manuscript, thanks to author Janice Hardy.

- Author and child psychologist Sarah Fine's new blog, The Strangest Situation, examines the intersection of YA literature/media and psychology.


- Penguin Canada joins charitable brand "(Product) Red" with their Red Classics Line.


- If you're in the market for a new agent, should you put feelers out to friends and potential agencies? Agent Mary Kole suggests you take karma into account.

- A much-Tweeted link this week: Author Natalie Whipple reveals what it's like when every publishing horror story you know comes true-- and it all happens to you.

- Attorney Mark Fowler answers questions about legal issues in publishing on his new blog, Rights of Writers. (via Debbie Ridpath Ohi)

- Publisher Weekly takes an extensive look at new players, innovation directions, and fresh voices in YA. They also have an interesting article on what children's publishers are doing in the apps space.

- Author Guy Kawasaki provides an inside look at Penguin's New York offices

- My agent hates my WIP! Agent Jill Corcoran guides you through this nightmare scenario.

- Agent Rachelle Gardner breaks down royalty rates.

- Author Kathleen Peacock helps you take the sting out of rejection.

- What agent Kristin Nelson is seeing too much of in her inbox


- Author Helene Boudreau celebrates the release of Real Mermaids Don't Wear Toe Rings with a giveaway on her blog-- and you can check out the query that got it all started, with comments from her agent, Lauren MacLeod, over at Guide to Literary Agents!

- The lovely and talented Kathleen Ortiz is celebrating TCUHBIP (aka The Countdown to Holiday Break in Publishing) by giving away 12 prize packs!

- Submit your MS title and win a copy of The Forest for the Trees from Betsy Lerner (and read the comments, which are pretty hilarious). 


- Have you been hit by the "writers needed" spam on Twitter? Victoria Strauss at Writer Beware explains their scam.

- Readergirlz and First Book are giving 125,000 free books to low income teens, and they need your help!

- "Realizing you're a character in a work of fiction can be startling." Hilarious article at Cracked (via Hillary Depiano).

- Some of our favorite authors are writing letters to their teen selves over at Dear Teen Me.

- Feeling uninspired? Check out Reverb 10, a cool project with prompts to help you reflect on the past year and get the next one started the way you want.

- A lovely post from Krista V. on being thankful.


Everyone and their dog tweeted the link to this hilarious video this week. Author Amy Lukavics has an interesting post about it, too.

A friend sent me this Harry Potter parody and I was horrified yet unable to look away.

annnnd this just made me laugh.
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Have a great weekend!

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  1. Snape. Cheerleader uniform. Brain. Exploding.

    Thanks for the mention!

  2. The cheerleaders. They are blowing my mind on repeat.

    Thank you for the mention. Lots of interesting links today!

  3. Thanks for all these links--really useful stuff. I appreciate the mention! I also appreciate the Voldemort hip-shaking. It is strangely hypnotic.

  4. Some of these links aren't working. Like the one leading to Kathleen's blog, and the other one for Natalie's post. But the other links were very helpful. Thanks!

  5. "Fly like it's quidditch!"

    Quoting whenever possible :)

  6. Great post. I especially enjoyed the BBC link! Everything said is so *very* true.


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