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Field Trip Friday: November 26


- Author Roni Loren has tons of tips on how to stay invisible and avoid authorial intrusion.
- Tools For Character Building by agent Donald Maass, guest posting at Guide to Literary Agents.

- Is your book MG or YA? Agent Mary Kole has the answer.

- Author Kevin Lehane has the "definitive list" of cliched dialogue.

- Writer's Relief teaches you how to use hyphens.

- "A Question of Betas" at QueryTracker breaks down what it takes to find-- and be-- a good beta reader. It mentions one of my pet peeves: Helpful means "stating your opinion and focusing on the writing rather than on the writer" [emphasis mine].


Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension - The Story Siren presents the 2011 Debut Challenge (which includes our very own Kirsten Hubbard!)

- Gayle Forman picks the best YA of 2010 for NPR.

- Literary Review announced their Bad Sex in Fiction award, and the nominees are...


- James Frey defends himself at the Guardian (and the rest of us roll our eyes.)

- Want to be a professional writer? Step one: Act like one.

- Agent Jennifer Laughran has the DL on the best time to query.

- Author/agent Jason Pinter presents the Ten Commandments of Social Networking for Writers.

- Author Nathan Bransford gives seven tips for building an online following.


YA Highway was nominated as a Favorite Writing Blog at Write To Done! Head over and second the nomination, or vote for your own favorite site.


- Ali at Three Baking Sheets To The Wind did a week of awesome Harry Potter recipes, and Diamonds for Dessert has some adorable cookies based on the Potter Puppet Pals (see the random, below).

- Warner Brothers reboots Buffy And yea, there were wails and gnashing of teeths across the interwebz.

- Congratulations to author Maggie Stiefvater, who recently spoke at NASA's TEDx conference.


Image Source

None of these kids make the list of "13 Craziest Harry Potter Fans," but they do show their Hogwarts pride!

Heather Trese and Crystal represent for Ravenclaw and Gryffindor
Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension

YA Highwayers Kody Keplinger and Kristin Otts wore their robes and colors.
Photobucket Photobucket

And because I had to wait a few days to see the movie, I didn't dress up. But while killing time in Borders before the show, I did scare a woman in the YA section when I shrieked "There's Kody's book!!!1!" as if I'd never seen it on the shelf before, then demanded rather loudly that my husband take my picture.

Anyway. Here are the aforementioned Potter Puppet Pals. This will be in your head for days. You're welcome.

Hope you all have a great weekend and that if you're in the US, you've recovered from your turkey coma! :)
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  1. I've seen that Potter Puppet Pals video before and it never gets any less awesome :D

    Great links!

  2. just read the Guardian James Frey link and am feeling OUTRAGED AGAIN. James Frey himself is obviously a crook and an utter narcissist, but -- it's working for him! that's what's frustrating me the most: that publishers are buying these books; the books are selling; and, even when critically meh like I Am Number Four, they're being optioned for film by the likes of Stephen Spielberg and Will Smith.

    as anyone reading this comment knows, there are SO MANY fantastic books out there that deserve to be published, bought and optioned. quite possibly, including those by the young writers duped into the shackles of James Frey's writer factory -- but NOT with his slimy fingerprints all over them. please, let's not give this industry-shaming asshole any more of our money.



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