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Field Trip Friday: October 8


- Author Carolyn Kaufman presents a two-part series on a cognitive-behavioral technique that will silence your inner critic.

- YA needs more ridiculousness, according to author Miranda Kenneally.

- Rose Fox at Publishers Weekly begs you to do something with your title besides "light" and "dark."

- Write for yourself if you want, but don't expect it to get published: "Your Cake and Who You Bake It For" from author Jeff Hirsch

- Husband of author Ally Condie has a few things you should know before marrying an author.

- Eyes, heart, lungs and stomach. Do something more interesting with them, says agent Mary Kole.

- Also from Mary Kole's archives: An exhortation to write what you've been too afraid to write before.
People have a tendency to stop short of doing their best. It’s a self-defense mechanism. If they don’t write the things they really want, if they don’t pour out the real effort, then the failure they’re imagining (and will most likely experience) can’t hurt them that deeply. Criticism slides right off, because they have a dirty little secret: this wasn’t the real try anyway... I’m done with writing safe, bloodless manuscripts that get me nowhere.


- 153 miles of bookshelves? Is this heaven? No, it's the Bodleian archives.

- Judith Engracia (who I thought was a lit assistant? but is maybe an agent now? I'm not sure. But she's funny.) looks at how fictional characters affect your love life.

- Writer Zetta Elliott crunches the numbers on black YA/MG authors and gives some concrete steps you can take toward real change. (via Le R)

- Little girl gives donates her allowance to help the Seattle Public Library.


- How to get your foot in the door with agents, from author Jody Hedlund.

- Author Jodi Meadows on self-promoting without annoying people.

- Agent Sarah Davies says publishing is like a funnel, and has tips on how to survive your own trip through the narrows. Agent Rachelle Gardner speaks to a similar theme in "In It For the Long Haul."

- Nancy Coffey Literary defends their pending change to a "no response means no" query system.

- Yet another pick from agent Mary Kole: How to pick an agent when you write in multiple genres

- It's easy to see the success. It's not easy to see the effort that went into it. See "A Hard Day's Year" by agent Nathan Bransford.

- Agent Jenny Bent admires your bravery.

- Author Tahereh Mafi ponders success and who it changes more: the successful, or the successful's (maybe former) friends.

- Get a detailed look at life after the sale, thanks to author Gail Carriger. (Can I just say that when I read "6 months of contract negotiations," I died a little inside?)

- Tweet your way to a book deal, from Fast Company.

- What's an imprint? Editor Stacy Whitman explains.


- Twitter has been abuzz lately with complaints about... new Twitter. Mashable has instructions on how to change your background with the new interface.

- A chilling story that made the rounds on Twitter this week: "Censorship At Its Finest" at For the Love of YA. ETA: Post has been removed; read more here.

- Macmillan Publishers launches Macmillan Films; first deal is with Summit for Julie Cross's YA series Tempest.



XKCD presents the revised map of online communities
(sorry about your shrinking territory, MySpace...)

You know, at some point you just have to feel bad for the kid:
RPattz doing "The Ugly Dance" - click through for full effect.


So a few of us here at YA Highway (okay, Emilia and me) got to playing with the Meme Generator,
and one thing led to another...


Make your own publishing-related memes and leave me the link in the comments. 
We'll post our favorites and link to their creators' blogs in next week's random!

(warning: a LOT of the memes on that site are NSFW, stupid, and/or straight up offensive. we can do better.)

Have a great weekend, and thanks for reading!
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  1. heheh Thanks! I'd say I'm in limbo right now, at least until I get a picture and figure out a bio for our website :)

  2. Thanks for the link guys! Love the site!

  3. I want to take that little girl who donated her allowance out for ice cream. And buy her a pony.

  4. RPattz! :D That website just took up way too much of my life. Thanks for the great linkies as always!

  5. That was the best lineup of stuff ever. I've had this page up for days b/c I'm afraid of losing the awesome links. *reminds self to check out evernotes or something*

    Here are some memes I made:

    Okay, that's enough memes. That was fun! Thanks!


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