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Field Trip Friday: September 10



Hannah Moskowitz  wrote a thought-provoking post: "Has the internet community changed YA?" Amy Lukavits responded directly with some arguments for both sides. Natalie Whipple and Ally Carter posted on similar topics, both saying you can worry about the online YA community all you want, but in the end, it's the book that matters. I love Elissa Hoole's comment on Ally's post:
"Everyone I follow or tweet at or blog comment on is someone I feel a connection to--not someone I want to be connected with."


- Too much BIC? Make a treadmill desk with help from author Helene Boudreau.

- Author Jenny Russell talks about writing under pressure.

- Author Jessica Byam flips a recent Road Trip Wednesday prompt on its head, asking what about those idiosyncrasies that your characters aren't ashamed of or don't try to cover up?

- Great post from author Janice Hardy not about whether or not violence is appropriate, but how to write it effectively

- Author Donna Gambale reminds us, in very short order, why we write.

- Author Jen Brubacher reminds us that writing is our choice.

- "You’re a writer because you’re weird in the ways you want to continue being weird." Guide to Literary Agents considers at what point you can call yourself a writer at all

- When is your book done? Author Ally Condie has a formula, and suggest you have a "it's getting worse" reader.

- Mood is "like a movie soundtrack" and author Maggie Stiefvater shows how to revise for it.

- "There are no bad words," says author Kathleen Duey. The Guardian says there are some, but use 'em anyway.

- Author Kate Messner shares how she found time to write 9 books in 3 years. On a related note, agent Danielle Chiotti shares "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Writers."

- Do you like writing a synopsis? Unless you're that one crazy person who said yes, check out author and web developer Shawntelle Madison's "Synopsis Wizard." Very cool!

- "This dialogue is terrible!" she exclaimed loudly. Seven tips on avoiding that, from agent Nathan Bransford. 


Photobucket - "For all her irritating flaws, Bella, at least, has the courage of her desire." Very interesting look at who is more empowered, Katniss Everdeen or Bella Swan, at Salon.

- Speaking of desire, although not in YA: "No Sex, Please, We're Literary" at Publisher's Marketplace

- "No I do not need a gift receipt." In defense of YA and why defense shouldn't be necessary, by author Tahereh Mafi.

- Author Mitali Perkins highlights ten great multicultural blogs.

- “I love your work!  I only wish I had more African American students so that I could use your books.” What??! Yeah. Author Nikki Grimes in "Color Me Perplexed." (via Amy Boggs)

- A school district in Missouri bans Sherman Alexie's ABSOLUTELY TRUE DIARY OF A PART-TIME INDIAN, claiming that the gazillion awards it's won don't matter. Meanwhile, in other censorship, the Texas book festival that "uninvited" author Ellen Hopkins has been canceled.


Photobucket - What to do with contradictory advice, from agent Nathan Bransford.

- Melanie Benjamin begs you, authors: Please practice before a public reading. Or just don't do one. (via @InkyElbows)

- Where your book resides in the store is only half the battle. Pimp My Novel talks timing for your release.

- Annoyed that agents or editors are tweeting instead of reading your manuscript? Agent Jessica Faust discusses the issue.

- Agent Rachelle Gardner describes an imaginary meeting at a publisher. It's slightly terrifying. The Steve Laube Agency has a similar post, breaking down the steps your manuscript will take once your agent has submitted it.


- Lots of authors headed to the Decatur Book Festival last weekend: Check out posts from Victoria Schwab, Myra McEntire, Heather Trese and Krista Ashe. Have one I missed? Link it in our comments!
ETA: I missed Hayley!

- Authors Elana Johnson, Jennifer Daiker and Alex Cavanaugh reveal their dark and dirty blog improvement secrets, starting with Monday's tips on how to increase your number of followers. Yes, yes, it's not a popularity contest, but followers = future readers, and there's nothing wrong with that.

- Channel your inner Hermione and get yer smarty pants on: Forever Young Adult is looking for contributors.


It doesn't get any more random than this. (via @papertyger)

Except for maybe this: Turtles Eating Things. Really. (via my BFF's husband)

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  1. Some brilliant links here! Especially found the one about The Hunger Games vs Twilight interesting!

  2. ROFL! I love the shark tattoo! Crazier things have been done to ensure a top spot on the slush pile I'm sure, but that's right up there

  3. Some great links this week! I agree with Jenny, the one about Katniss v. Bella is really interesting. And I'm so happy you mentioned the Decatur Book Festival! I'm lucky to live right around the corner from Decatur, so I was there all weekend. I did a post on it, too, if anyone's was seriously like an All-Star weekend of YA fiction.

  4. Great linkies as always.

    Really liked the Bella/Katniss, the Color me Perplexed and There are no Bad words.


  5. Added you to the post, Hayley!

    And thanks everyone- I'm always glad to hear which links you found helpful, so I know what to look for in the future. :) Thanks for reading!

  6. How sweet of you to include on this fabulous page of links!!! We're always hoping to help fellow bloggers to improve their blogging skills to gain them a long lasting relationship with readers!!!

    Amazing links!!! Tons of browsing to do :)

  7. Can I just say that every time you link me (which has been often and I am eternally grateful for that) and refer to me as an "author" or "writer" it makes me feel AWESOME.

    I mean, I totally am a writer. But it's nice to see someone else say it, too.

  8. Another great Field Trip Friday--and I'm not just saying that cuz I'm, you know, in it. *blushes* I'm with everyone else on the awesomeness of the Hunger Games v Twilight article, and the treadmill desk is SO going to happen at my house.

    Also, that random Keanu Reeves picture makes me really happy in a "what in the WORLD?!" kind of way.

  9. Love, love the posts! So many I does that happen? Good thing I've got you guys to keep me updated on everything!

  10. Wow! So many links to stuff I've never heard of...I'm so honored to have my comment quoted! I changed my blog link, so it's now but don't worry, there's nothing to see there this week or last, what with the school year starting. I'm making some bookmarks for when I get a minute to blog and read blogs again.

  11. That Ally Carter post is absolutely amazing. Thanks YA Highway! :)

  12. Great links! I'm really pleased to be a part of this.

    And the random photos just made my morning.

  13. Thanks for the Decatur Book Festival blog mention! :)


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