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Field Trip Friday: August 6

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Our weekly trip around the field of YA with stops at the most helpful, interesting or otherwise entertaining news.

This Week In Writing

- Author Amy Lukavics says RELAX.

- Author Natalie Whipple says trends ARE important-- but there's nothing you can do about it, and that's okay.

- Theme can be "another way of adding structure to your work": "Theme Me Up" by Janice Hardy

- The amazing Veronica Roth on jumping into your next book after a big deal. (I do not use "amazing" lightly. Vee is pretty rad in person, too.) And you know who else is pretty rad? Myra McEntire, who has a post on a similar topic-- and uses a moonshine analogy to boot.

- Our also-rad girl Kaitlin has a fantastic post about reality TV and how it can help your revisions.

- This is actually from last week, but author Jodi Meadows wrote a wonderful guest post for Cory Jackson about not quitting. Go read it and get inspired, STAT.

- And if that didn't inspire you, check out agent Rachelle Gardner's post about Olympic athlete training. Wow.

This Week In Reading

- You've probably also seen various Twilight drinking games, but how about a drinking game for the classics? Or one for e-book articles? (both via the Gatekeeper)

- You've probably seen this too, but just in case you missed it: Hot Guys Reading delivers just that.

This Week In Getting Published

- Agent Sarah Davies on how to pick an agent-- not just questions you should ask, but gut reactions you should look for. 

- Promotion is important. Overpromotion is just annoying. Author Scott Tracey on how to use and abuse social media.

- Pimp My Novel says "it doesn't necessarily pay to be nice, but it doesn't cost anything, either."

- "A query with definite voice and some errors is much more likely to get a Yes than a query lacking both errors and excitement." Tahereh Mafi interviews the Gatekeeper.

- Agent Suzie Townsend has a list of her top ten favorite things about agenting.

- Doing agent research? Mother. Write. Repeat. has tons of great info, as does Casey McCormick's Literary Rambles.

- Moonrat has a breakdown of the pros and cons of self publishing versus traditional.

- Pimp My Novel explains why you (still) want an agent.

- Funny post at QueryTracker by guest blogger Cynthia Watson on Premature Querying Syndrome (aka Rapid Submission). 

- "Waiting for an editor to respond is often like waiting for the water to boil when you’re starving." Jessica Faust at Bookends on what your wait time really means (hint: nothing).

- "If you think twitter is only about what you had for lunch, you're out to lunch." I just freaking love Janet Reid. ...  I mean fear! I fear Janet Reid! *looks around cautiously*

This Week In SCBWI

Didn't get to attend the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators conference last weekend? Don't worry, the interwebz have you covered.

- Start with the official SCBWI conference blog. They were hard at work during the entire event!

- Adventures in Children's Publishing has a good roundup of highlights.

- Overheard, by Sara McClung

- Great overview from Publishers Weekly

- Jay Asher was there! I said hi to him... kind of! Okay really I made someone else talk to him. But still. I did stand there smiling like a tool while she chatted.

- Katie Alender was there, and I didn't see her! :( This makes me sad indeed.

- But Gretchen McNeil was there, and she was every bit as fab in person as expected.

- I will forever love Stephenie Perkins for finding footage of MT Anderson's Delaware song.

- Robin Mellom and Suzanne Young have lots of pictures.

- Heather Trese has a great summary of Carolyn Mackler's breakout session on Creating Characters. (We were in the same room and didn't see each other! More sadness!)

Kristin Jr, Kirsten, Kaitlin, Emilia, me,
Michelle, Emilia and Debbie!
- Congrats to Debbie Ridpath Ohi, who won two awards! We got to meet her briefly, and she also has some great coverage on her fantastic blog.

- Coverage from YA Highway members:
  • Michelle: Fab collection of soundbites
  • Me: So far, a summary of the agents panel, with more coming next week!
- Be sure to check out this year's hash tag: #la10scbwi

- Don't forget to enter our giveaway!

- BONUS: RWA also happened last weekend, and yes, YA romance is included! Agent Kristin Nelson has several posts about it.

This Week In Other Stuff

Farewells and best wishes are in order:
  • To THE INTERN, who's hanging up her blogging hat to pursue... some other stuff

This Week In The Random

Um... Shaq dancing with Justin Bieber. Yeah. (Skip to about 1:05 for the Shaq attack.)

This is kind of mean. I actually kind of like Kristen Stewart. But wow. Ease up on that lip, honey.

And sometimes, things just make me laugh and I can't explain why.

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  1. I giggled when I saw the Chuck Norris poster.

    I LOL'D when I saw TAHEREH was the first to comment on Chuck Norris.

    Ah, I love this community.

  2. Is it bad that I can name most of the agents on that tree? Yes. I think so.

  3. Awesome!!

    (Chuck Norris especially)

  4. SOOOO much good stuff! Love these posts and look forward to them all week. BTW, you were all completely beautiful at the Heart & Soul ball!


  5. YAY! That's my Delaware video that Stephanie Perkins posted. I'm so glad I thought to grab my camera and get it on video...that needs to be remembered FOREVER!

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Jessica, I officially love YOU forever now too! :)

  7. This is more awesome than my brain can handle right now. Bookmarking for after WriteOnCon.

  8. That KStew video made my day.

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  9. Thanks for the shout out! I'm off to check out all the other links =)

  10. Dang! Tahereh steals the thunder every time!! I was going to comment on Chuck too. :D Love ya T! Not that there weren't plenty of other goodies worth mention.

  11. Thank you for the great posts on SCBWI! I can't wait to get to the conference someday, but until then, all those reports will be keeping me busy!

  12. Thank you for the conference update!

  13. Kate I don't know how I missed you at Carolyn Mackler's workshop! I spotted Emilia and ran over to her and then said hi to Kirsten as well! I bet you were standing with them/near them and I didn't notice because I was riding the "I just listened to an author I <3 talk for 45 minutes" wave.


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