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Field Trip Friday: August 27


The Big News This Week
Something something Wylie and Random House blah blah something whatever MOCKINGJAY!!!

This Week In Writing

- The amazing Veronica Roth on character priorities, Hunger Games and squid

- The usefulness of dreams by author Suzette Saxton, who gives me the perfect excuse to stay in bed. YES.

- "Beware the Eyes That March," by Matt Teel

- How a character can be conjured without appearing on the page, by agent Donald Maass on Writer Unboxed

- Popmatters has more about parents or a lack thereof in YA.

- "Stop Harping on What We Can't Do": Guest post from Rachel M. about characters with disabilities, at The Rejectionist

- Lovely letter to her younger self from author Jo Knowles

- "Seven Things I've Learned So Far" is a recurring feature on Guide to Literary Agents, and I really like this one by author Hollis Gillespie

- Really, really good guest post from Kim Wright for Pimp My Novel about envy and how to deal with it.
"...even if the stars align and you’re able to help each other beautifully—and indeed it has happened among me and my writing friends—you still have to go through that gate one at a time. Some people have to hang back and watch their friends precede them into the land of the published and that hurts."
- Author Steph Bowe also talks about envy and being the "flavor of the month."

This Week In Reading

Photobucket - Embarrassed by the cover of your favorite YA? Travis at I Like Apple Juice has your solution.

- The HuffPo lists the 17 most innovative university presses and what you should look for from them.

- How book bloggers should approach publishers for review copies, at Peachtree Publishers

- Dude. From now on, every time someone mentions "those crazy *insert Twilight/Harry Potter/etc here* fans," I'm sending them to this post about the Ayn Rand road trip

- "By willfully ignoring commercial women's fiction, the Times has made itself, as an institution, an unreliable narrator." Jodi Picoult and Jennifer Weiner on the NYT ignoring "women's fiction."

- Amna soothes her Hunger Games-reading cousin via text message. Hilarity ensues. (Amna is also working on a collaborative "Why I Write" project. Go help her out!)

This Week In Getting Published

Photobucket - Forbes announces the 100 highest-paid authors

- Hilarious suggestions for your form rejections from Pimp My Novel-- I particularly like "agency trading cards" and "pretend traffic tickets."

- How many clients is too many? Agent Jennifer Laughran breaks down the numbers.

- Author Kater Cheek guest posts for agent Kate Testeman: "Congratulations, you've finished your novel! Now for the hard parts..."

- Agent Nathan Bransford explains what a publisher does (and doesn't) do for you.

- Do you know your comp titles? Do you know what "comp titles" means? Jill Corcoran can help.

This Week In Other Stuff

- More on the Texas Teen Lit censorship controversy from Laurie Halse Anderson and Janni Lee Simner.

- Find out what kind of creative you are, over at Psychologies. (Maybe a more appropriate quiz: Do you still behave like a teenager? Apparently I'm a full-fledged grown up, which is a little disappointing.)

This Week In The Random
My edits are due today, so I'm sorry, but I'm going for the cheapest laughs ever. I feel like I should apologize in advance.




(Thank you Twilog)

I know, I know. I'm sorry.

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  1. I loved the pictures, Kate! Thanks for the trip!

  2. The pictures.




  3. HAHAHAH love the pictures / gifs!

  4. OMG. *laughing* I think Field Trip Fridays should be sponsored by Twilight parodies. I can't remember the last time where there hasn't been one.

  5. *dies laughing*

    Apparently, I'm a full-fledged adult as well.

  6. The gif with the three of them in the car kills me every.time.

  7. Great RANDOM!!! Fab links as always!

  8. I'M A FREE BITCH BABY. nice.

    thanks for the shout-out! i'd like to say that i'm still recovering from all of the effies i drank at the talegate, but that would be a lie, cos my liver is basically a career at this point.

  9. Excellent linkage, as always. I LOVE the Twilight/Lady Gaga pics at the end. ROTFL!

  10. HAHAHA, the pics in the Random section this week are priceless. :D

  11. I literally almost clicked on all of these links today! I love it all...thanks for the awesome content each week!

  12. omg, those dancing awesome...


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