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Field Trip Friday: August 13


This Week In Writing

- Author Phoebe North argues against the Google search info dump in novels.

- Take a real field trip Friday (or Saturday... or any day...) and help your writing. Nina LaCour on how a road trip fixed her WIP.

- Giving Feedback With Grace from Write For Your Life

- One of the best "when to trunk" posts I've seen: "Golden Oldies" by author Janice Hardy

- Agent Nathan Bransford spreads the word about dangerous maladies that affect writers.

- I just love this post from Kiersten White about showing her children their names in her book.

- When to use "i.e." in a sentence, from The Oatmeal.

- Alice Pope gets back in the swing of things, post-SCBWI

- Adventures in Children's Publishing has several great posts about SCBWI 2010 break out sessions, including "The Ultimate Checklist for Submitting to Publishers" and "Workshop on the Middle Grade Novel." 

- Should published writers attend conferences? Agent Rachelle Gardner says yes, with some caveats.

- Can't afford a conference? Head to, which provided a ridiculous amount of fantastic information this week. A few of my favorites included "Questions to Ask Yourself Before Revision" by editor Kendra Levin and editor Martha Mihalick's "From Submission to Acquisition." Check out their nightly recaps to see all the posts, chats, workshops and more.

This Week In Reading

- YA Fantasy Showdown! Go fill out your bracket

- The Book Smugglers featured author Sarah Rees Brennan, who explains the appeal of YA lies in all the "first times."

- Author Andrea Cremer on robbing heroines of their sexual journeys.

- The New York Times informs those not in the know: "The Kids' Books Are All Right."

- The Enchanted Inkpot takes a look at fantasy covers coming out in fall 2010.

- I don't agree so much with the "you are robbing them" point, but agent Jennifer Laughran points out several important things readers and authors should know about how to treat independent bookstores.

- Author Gayle Forman says the NYT attention to YA last week was nice and all, but where are our reviews?!?

- The Brits and related territories get special red and white Twilight covers, just in time for Christmas. I guess sparkle and the holidays do go together...


- Also deserving capitol letter treatment (oh see what I did thar?): Suzanne Collins says PLEASE DON'T POST MOCKINGJAY SPOILERS kthxbye. But apparently someone at Mugglenet still managed to get their hands on a copy! (no spoilers at that link, don't worry.)

This Week In Getting Published

- "How to Measure the Value of Editors" at Digital Book World

- Agent Janet Reid very nicely points out that you don't know jack, and that's how it should be.

- It took a year, but Caroline Tung Richmond snagged an agent, and now she's sharing her query experience with you.

- Author Holly Robinson debates hiring a body double for her author photo.

This Week In Other Stuff

Photobucket - Wikipedia's lamest editing wars-- including Jennifer Aniston's ethnicity, how to pronounce "Rowling," "Should 'wee' link to 'Wii'?" and "Gray versus grey." (via Bookslut)

- How fun is this? Four YA writers got together to form "YAcinema," where everyone watches the same movie one evening and chats about it on Twitter.

- Other very cool group YA author efforts: The Merry Sisters of Fate are putting out a book together, and the Smart Chicks are headed out on tour!

- Lost for words? Check out this article on concepts English has no words for.

- A breakdown of Twitter stats by gender at HubSpot

- You have probably seen Drunk Hulk on Twitter, but did you know about Editor Hulk? Lit-Crit Hulk? Grammar Hulk? What about Feminist and Buddhist Hulk? (I feel like "YA Hulk" is only seconds away from being created... let me know if you take it on.)

This Week In The Random

This has nothing to do
with anything else in this post.
You need time wasters? I GOT TIME WASTERS. (via @IrisBlasi)

- Name the book covers.

- Name the Harry Potter family members (my husband SCHOOLED me on this. so embarrassing.)

- Name the Simpsons characters.

- Name the chat acronyms.

Photobucket Don't like quizzes? Head to Hyperbole and a Half and read "Expectations vs Reality"-- then go back and read all the archives. Try not to wet your pants. (Good luck with that.) And hey, if you want to excuse it as writing-related, check out C.A. Marshall's post.

Or head to Subnormality for a visual trip through the creative process. (It's cooler than it sounds.)

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  1. Another fantastic field trip! Thanks for the mention ladies. It was a great week out there in the blogosphere and you gals always manage to hone in on the best of the best. Thanks again and have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Thanks for all the links.

    Okay, I prefer the regular version of Twilight. The white one looks weird . . . wash out.

  3. Those red & white twilight covers are actually wicked pretty! Very startling.

    Good links, as always :D

  4. Oh awesome; thanks for the link!

    Kaitlin, I'm with you on the Twilight covers. Love the red pages.

  5. Thanks everyone-- and Kir, that's what I got too, only I cheated and made the husband help me.

  6. BRILLIANT as usual! thanks for all the links :D

  7. I love this series of posts! I never thought I'd be in it! Thank you!



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