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Moose Spotting in LA

Sources (and awesome pictures) are reporting that more and more meese are making their way to L.A. at this very moment.

It's bigger on the inside than it looks. Promise.

Never fear. Leila, Kody, Lee, and I will be hard at work holding down operations at the meese lodge.

While the girls will be shopping, chatting, and having a blast working hard, laboriously taking notes, and helping elderly people cross the street they'll try to pop in with some details of the conference. If not, I'm sure we can expect some great reports later next week!

In the meantime, we'll do our best to keep the blog wheels rolling.

*Tomorrow, the lovely and talented Kody, will be wrangling up your Field Trip Friday (I hear there's a lampshade involved in this process.)

So if you're not SCBWI-ing this weekend, stay tuned! 

Just keeping morale up.
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  1. The blogosphere seems eerily quiet but at least we'll have Field Trip Friday:)


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