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Field Trip Friday: July 9

Field Trip Friday
Our weekly trip around the field of YA with stops at the most helpful, interesting or otherwise entertaining news.

This Week In Writing

- Balance comes from the core: Straddling the line in YA, by Rosemary Clement-Moore at Genreality.

- Agent Miriam Goderich wonders when to tell someone they're not meant to write.

- Jane Friedman on why the Rule of 24 should be more like the rule of 1-3 Months.

- Writing isn't about capturing real life as it actually happens: Agent Nathan Bransford on undercooking your novel.

This Week In Getting Published

- Author Scott Tracey says put on your big boy Underoos and quit whining online!

- Agent Mandy Hubbard says you can pitch multiple projects in one query-- in this very careful way.

- Stop! Before you try to get published, consider these questions from agent Molly Lyons, guest posting on author Christina Baker Kline's blog.

- After the book deal, keep in mind that you and your publisher are not BFFs, warns agent Janet Grant.

- How to submit a new draft, from The Gatekeeper

This Week In Other Stuff

- Do you read Bookninja? It's seriously fantastic. Check it out: Just in one day, they featured the truth about women in publishing, the rise of lower Indian castes in publishing, and how computers will obviate the need for a global language. Add to that article names like "My Next Book Will Be Called, 'Eat My Shorts, Dude'"  and blurbs like "Plato had musical code embedded in books… Was riff from 'My Humps'" and "If you hate emoticons, you hate history, you boorish, ignorant fool." Really-- you can't go wrong.

- This parenting article gives good insight into teens, real and fictional: Surefire Ways to Turn OFF Your Teen (via @syrimne1)

This Week In Reading Twilight

I'm sorry y'all. EVERYTHING was about Twilight this week. I promise not to do this again...for at least eighteen months or so, when the next movie comes out.

- "I can explain--but not excuse--things that give people the raving WTFs." Author Cleolinda Jones on Twilight, courtship, and the female gaze. Keep an eye out, because her "Eclipse in 15 Minutes" will be up soon and I. can't. wait.

- Salon also has a feature on Twilight fanfiction, which makes me wonder who outside the fandom had the guts to pitch that idea, much less research it.

- Want to know how much money Stephenie Meyer is making off all this craziness? Forbes will tell you.

- Also: Eclipse in LOLcats. I laughed so hard I snorted.

This Week In The Random

For all of you sick to (un)death of vampires:

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  1. My sister came across the trailer this afternoon and she begged me to watch it. I laughed so hard. We are so seeing that movie!

    Thanks for the trip!

  2. I'm going to pay people to watch this movie. Screw my college fund.

  3. Haaaa...the shovel at the end. So great.

    Awesome links this week, Kate!

  4. Thanks for linking the cats, it made my day.

    I saw the movie yesterday and it was much better than the last two. I especially found Jasper hot(!!). Finally I found someone in the movies to drool over.

  5. I have no clue where you find all this stuff, but you rock.

  6. Is that movie for real? Too funny!

    Oh, yeah, and I did check out the other links. Great stuff. :D

  7. Thanks so much for linking to my blog! And I cannot wait to see that movie!

  8. That trailer made my morning. Thanks!

  9. I saw that trailer last night. Best upcoming movie ever.

  10. It is not appropriate for me to click on the Salon twilight fanfic links at work... much restraint here!

  11. I almost peed my pants watching that video!!! PRICELESS

  12. another epic win, kate.



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