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Field Trip Friday: July 2

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Field Trip Friday
Our weekly trip around the field of YA with stops at the most helpful, interesting or otherwise entertaining news.

This Week In Writing

- Nicola Griffith says characters can have mind-blowingly good sex, and if you don't believe that, perhaps you're doing it wrong

- File under "posts I want to tattoo somewhere on my body": Author Courtney Summers on unlikeable female protagonists. (Seriously, is there anywhere on the internet I haven't pimped this post yet?)

- Guest post at Pimp My Novel by author Brigid Kemmerer about the intricacies of beta reading, from both sides.

- Author Amparo Ortiz illustrates the editing process with help from RPattz's hair.

- "Allow yourself to feel bad, but NOT FOR LONG." Author Susan Adrian on envy.

- Debbie Ridpath Ohi has a warning about writing contests.

- At QueryTracker, Elana Johnson helps you find a writing community.

- After a recent writer's workshop, author Rachele Alpine vows to spend "Twenty Minutes Internet Free."

- Author Brian Yansky on teen dialogue and how you can't throw moose out of planes in Alaska.

- An older post from agent Mary Kole on "A Magic of Convenience" -- why fate and coincidence = lazy writing.

- Check out the winner of the 2010 Bad Writing contest at San Jose State. It involves gerbils. (via @dawnraemiller)

- The end of this post by the Gatekeeper resonated with me:
You can always go back and correct errors. You can't go back in and add awesomeness.

This Week In Reading

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- The Star Tribune in Minneapolis/St. Paul has a great article on LGBTQ teens and characters, ending with a warning to librarians with a strong "I don't serve those teens" attitude: "Yeah, you do...they're there and they're looking for these books." Looking for some titles? Check out The Rejectionist's Totally Random Big Gay Reading List.

- Interesting look at how libraries decide which book to acquire: Interview with a Virginia librarian at From The Mixed Up Files

- "How Christian YA novels are offering a surprisingly empowering guide to adolescence," at Slate. Writer and editor Lizzie Skurnick begs to disagree.

- Fascinating story from NPR about a writer who forgot how to read. (via @theBookslut)

- "What if we could harness that desperation for new technologies to the desperate need to curb the killing in central Africa?" How phone, laptop, camera and I'm guessing e-reader technology is fueling conflict in the Congo.

- Late-breaking, but looks like another white washing controversy is brewing over the repackaging of Cindy Pon's Silver Phoenix. Cindy herself discusses it here; The Rejectionist has some choice words here and links to several more posts on the subject.

This Week In Getting Published

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- At The GotYA, author Holen Matthews crunches the numbers and crushes our dreams. Author Maggie Stiefvater revives them a little

- Agent Janet Reid (aka "Snookums") says after the query stage, don't assume anything-- always follow up!

- What to say in the bio section of your query letter if you have no qualifications, by agent Noah Lekeman

- Agent Jennifer Laughran walks you through her query/request/offer process, and agent Mandy Hubbard explains her considerations before offering representation.

- Read about an author who bought her book back from the publisher because she didn't think it was ready. Guest post by editor Nichole Bernier at Pimp My Novel.

This Week In Other Stuff

- Lit assistant Judith Engracia reveals the truth: Lady Gaga is actually infinity years old-- and has some other secrets too

- Author Natalie Whipple has a great post about "Those Little People We Call Children."

- Agent Laura Bradford started an interesting Twitter conversation on Tuesday about everybody's favorite YA soapbox-- check out #sexinYA.

- Please excuse me for yelling, but I WANT TO GO TO HOGWARTS. *ahem* Instead I'm living vicariously through Heather Trese.

- It's everywhere, y'all. You know it, I know it, your grandma knows it: ECLIPSE came out this week. Myra McEntire, in her epic adorableness, has a video review; Kathleen Peacock takes Twilight to the Great White North; Sarah Enni ponders the improbable story of a vampire only willing to kiss his girlfriend when she's in plaid; and of course the girls at Forever Young Adult come through for us with the Eclipse drinking game. (We're playing in LA, right? Right??)

This Week In Contests

- Her royal KOrtizzleness has a contest with a pretty fab grand prize-- check out her new website to learn more.

- Author Sumayyah Daud also has a shiny new domain and wants to celebrate by giving you stuff. Go enter!

This Week In The Random

8-Bit Twilight Interactive: Think sparkly vampire Zelda. After a brief battle with Summit, this interactive YouTube video is back in business.

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  1. Uhm, can we please focus on the fact that that's the best game EVER.

  2. Man, I am so sucked in to that article on Old Hag. Fantastic stuff.

  3. Great links, girls! Thanks and have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I found that Twilight game a couple days ago when, like, 20 people linked it on Twitter. I played it all over again when I saw that it was linked here just because it cracked me up. :)

  5. Two weeks in a row? I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!

    And I so loved Maggie Stiefvater's blog post. Maybe it is foolish to one day hope to quit my day job, but that's why I've got both Glee versions of "Don't Stop Believing" on my playlist.

  6. Thanks for the link, guys!! *happy*

  7. could FTF GET any more epic? thanks for the amazing round-up as always, kate!

  8. YAHighway, my #1 source for the scoop in the book world

  9. Why did you show me that game??? ARGH!! Playing all posibilities!

  10. Loved that "Just Add Awesome" part.

  11. I feel so lucky that you keep linking me :) It's like my goal, "What awesome thing can I post this week to get myself on YA Highway??"

    Thanks for the other links! I'm so glad the game is back! When I found it the other day it was down, so I'm SO pumped to see it's back here!

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