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Field Trip Friday: July 16

Our weekly trip around the field of YA with stops at the most helpful, interesting or otherwise entertaining news.


- "How to Write When You're Scared Spitless": Guest post by Jean Sarauer at WritetoDone.

- Kate Monahan at Writer's Digest shares the ten things her MFA taught her not to do.

- How a premise strengthens your story from K.M. Weiland at Wordplay

- Author Kiersten White separates author from character.

- Did you know writers pay for the index in their books? What about quoted poetry? Agent Rachelle Gardner breaks down author costs-- and suggests you think twice about song lyrics as chapter titles.

Prologue to Romeo & Juliet,
found here.

- Prologue Woes on Let the Words Flow

- Author Janet Fitch's "Ten Rules for Writers" in the LA Times: Some seem a little basic, but reinforcement never hurts.

- Agent Betsy Lerner wonders if writers are attention whores or attention-phobic.

- Beginning writers' worst mistakes at the Mixed Up Files

- Guide to Literary Agents has "4 Ways to Beat Writer's Block and Write From Anywhere."

- The July issue of QUERYPOLITAN debuted its first guest post, courtesy of Michelle Hodkin, as well as "What You Can Tell From a Fiction Novel's First Line" from the hilarious Tahereh Mafi.


Y'all... no. Just no.
- Remember last week when I said "zomg Cleolinda will have 'Eclipse in 15 Minutes' up soon"? IT'S HERE. (Personally, I love Riley yelling "You. You are why we can't have nice things!") 

- Editor Cheryl Klein has an interesting idea for one way to stand up to whitewashing of covers.

- USA Today describes how digital books are helping individuals with disabilities. (They could use a lesson in People First language, though.)


- You'll never write a query this awesome: Batman voice queries agent Janet Reid

- A somewhat terrifying true publishing story from The New Yorker (via @drydenbks

- Author Ingrid Sundberg shares agent Jill Corcoran's tips on avoiding query suicide.

- Building an author platform at QueryTracker

- Debbie Ridpath Ohi updated her Writer's Guide to Twitter

- 20 Tips for Attending SCBWI Writing Conferences, from Linda Joy Singleton at The Spectacle. There is also an extensive list on the SCBWI website. You can also check out Alice Pope and Jolie Stekly for interviews with this year's faculty. Are you going? Seven of us are and there's a whole list of people over at AW! Can't come? Keep an eye on our blog during the first week of August-- we'll be featuring tons of conference coverage!


- Author Candace Ganger has a unique contest that benefits Joy 2 the World, a non-profit that provides micro-credit loans to women in Ghana.

- Our girl Michelle Hodkin is giving away ARCs of THE DUFF and THE REPLACEMENT.


Amna = genius.
- Amna does PostSecret, YA-style. Love this girl!

- Shelf Awareness has a hilarious list of "things overheard in bookstores." Example: "Can you tell me who wrote Shakespeare?"

- Everyone has been playing with the "I Write Like" website. I got Douglas Adams on a MS that includes quotes from a Margaret Atwood novel. Margaret Atwood got... Stephen King.

- Coffee makes the writing world go 'round. Check out this Lifehacker article to find out how it really works. (via @claudiagabel)

- HUGE CONGRATS to my girl Kathleen Peacock, whose werewolf trilogy HEMLOCK sold in a "significant" three book deal to Harper Collins!


Tahereh and Cory requested that I direct your attention to the Double Rainbow dude, as well as the musical version.

The Old Spice Guy has a few words to say about libraries. (via Galley Cat)
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  1. Um, can I pretend the Old Spice guy is my husband since we have the same last name?

  2. Awww thanks Kate.

    Now we have to figure out how to get the Old Spice guy to debate Team Jacob vs Team Edward.

  3. I second Kathleen's suggestion!

  4. Yup. Double Rainbow is still the best thing ever.

    And the infant tramp stamp is an impending sign of the apocalypse.

    Thank you for the mentions, lovelies :)

  5. Great compilation! Thanks so much for the link.

  6. Kathleen is right. Old Spice Guy needs to debate Edward and Jacob. And plenty of other things. I think he could be the next James Earl Jones voice.

  7. zomg i love cleolinda's m15m!! but i want to watch eclipse before reading it... oh god i fell out of my chair when i read the new moon one, i cant even joke about it :p


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