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Field Trip Friday: June 4

Field Trip Friday
Our weekly trip around the field of YA with stops at the most helpful, interesting or otherwise entertaining news.

This Week In Writing

- A little too much BIC? Ami at Writing: My Life has a fitness challenge for writers. (via Debbie Ridpath Ohi)

- How to create "Invisible Tension" by agent Donald Maass at Writer Unboxed

- You can also go to a virtual Writers' Summer Camp with author Karen Mahoney.

- Author Chérie l'Ecrivain guest posts at the Rejectionist about method and bad decisions.

- Author Gail Carson Levine on forcing characters to change

- Short and to the point: Three things author Kara Mustafa did to help her writing.

This Week In Reading

- The Rejectionist's very public breakup with Cormac McCarthy.

- Jacket Whys: Very cool blog featuring YA and children's book covers (via Rachele Alpine)

- Insert Literary Blog Name Here examines where YA trends come from.

- Agent Suzie Townsend on how to swag at BEA 

- Shannon Hale interviews YA authors about morals in literature.

This Week In Getting Published

- Author Shannon Messenger on "Are You Ready to Query?"

- Want to ask an agent some questions? Check out "Writing Out the Angst."

- Have you ever been annoyed to hear an intern is reading your query? Intern Lauren at BookEnds explains why you shouldn't be.

- Author Shannon Whitney Messenger has a way you can support new authors-- without spending money.

- Vee Roth at GotYA shares insights from the Backspace Writers Conference

- Agent Mary Kole has two good posts: on the pros and cons of new vs established agents and how to deal with offers from multiple agents.

- Agent Jane Dystel at Dystel & Goderich on the necessity (or not) of BEA

- If you're having a tough week, writing-wise, this post is for you: Agent Rachelle Gardner says "You Have To Believe."

This Week In Anglophile News

My BFF (who has not yet decided on a pseudonym) is staying with me this week. She's working on a PhD in contemporary British literature, and in the international highway spirit of this blog (and in lieu of watching me write a post for three hours), she put together some links about news in British lit. 

-The longlist for this year’s Guardian Children’s Literature Prize revealed a shift away from young adult and toward middle grade titles.

- The day six podcast featured Hay Fever, the children’s literature festival, including how to encourage boys to read and a discussion (ostensibly unrelated) of explicit sex in young adult fiction.

- Questions journalists don’t ask successful writers, from this year’s Hay Festival headliners.

This Week In Other Stuff 

- Guest blogger Emily Goll gives her picks for best TV portrayals of real teens, over at Steph Bowe's Hey! Teenager of the Year. (She gets my seal of approval for choosing "My So-Called Life.")

- Bookshelf Porn (via Victoria Strauss)

- Our girl Kody gets a mention in Variety!


This Week In Contests

- Author Michelle Hodkin is giving away some big name ARCs.

- Big book giveaway at Ink: In All Forms

- Pam and Marquita are having a contest to celebrate their blog's new incarnation

This Week In The Random 
Best. animated. gif. ever. (with thanks and congrats to Heather Trese)

and: Librarians Do Gaga
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  1. WOW -- these get more and more epic every single week. Thanks, Kate!!

  2. I LOVED the librarians going Gaga. Awesome!! And congratulations to Kody being featured in Variety! Woo hoo! Go Kody!

  3. I love field trip fridays. I now have an explosion of tabs to go through.


  4. Thanks for the link!! -Feels special- :D

  5. I so need to memorize that Rachelle Gardner post and was really happy to see Freaks and Geeks make the cut of best teen portrayals (seriously, why have more YA writers not seen this show?).

  6. LOL omg NPH+Elmo=one of the best things I've ever seen.

  7. Those librarians!

    Thanks for all the links! I really can't wait to read DUFF. How is it not September yet?

  8. Whoop - lots to read for the next hour! Thanks for the links, esp the UK news

  9. Deeeeeeelicious.

    NPH, UW librarians . . . yummers.

  10. First of all--New Follower! *Waves*

    I don't know why I wasn't following this blog before (seriously, what's wrong with me?) but at least I've corrected the problem now. :)

    And thanks so much for linking me. I was shocked when the google alert popped up. I feel so special. =D

    Checking out the other links now--and I look forward to reading your posts.

    Happy Friday!

  11. Thanks for the links (both the link back to me and sharing)! I have to admit that I didn't stumble upon that genius NPH/Elmo gif on my own. A friend from my online book club posted it one day, and I immediately saved that little guy. It makes me smile every time!


    Thanks so much for organizing these. I recently started following this blog and it's BRILLIANT.

  13. Neil. Patrick. Harris.


    (Love the links, too!)

  14. OMG, the Neil Patrick Harris thing cracked me up!!

  15. Thanks for the link-love!

    There's so much to read here, I'm going to be sneaking back while baby naps over the weekend!

    word verification: noun boyri, an ice cream flavor comprised of berries, oranges, yams, rice, and indigo dye.

  16. Fabulous links as always! :) Thanks!

  17. I'm really tardy in saying thanks, everyone!


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