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Field Trip, Saturday: May 29

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Field Trip Friday
Our weekly trip around the field of YA with stops at the most helpful, interesting or otherwise entertaining news.

(this week's alternate titles include: "Silly Saturday? So-Cool Saturday? So-we-forgot-follow-friday Saturday? slush Saturday? So-no-right Saturday? This Week Was BEA... and Book Blogger Conference... and The Start of Half Day Fridays in Publishing... and Backspace... The End." - courtesy of the KOrtizzle)

Photo via Lauren MacLeod
This Week's Big News:

Publishing pretty much shut down this week while everyone headed to New York for BEA. Our very own Kody Keplinger was a freaking ROCK STAR--and that's not coming from me, that's coming from Her Royal Snarkness Sharkness, agent Janet Reid. You can check out Kody's adventures here... and see agent Kathleen Ortiz fangirl in her sparkly pink shirt here.

Want more?
Meanwhile, the rest of us joined author Lisa Desrochers's pity party!

More Big News This Week:

LIKE MANDARIN, the debut novel from our fearless and intrepid co-founder, author Kirsten Hubbard, will be sporting a blurb from Melina Marchetta, author of the Printz Award Winner JELLICOE ROAD! Come see what the best of the best is saying about this amazing book.

Even More Big News This Week:

You may have noticed that YA Highway celebrated its first anniversary this week! We debuted a new logo, designed by resident genius Emilia Plater, and there's still time to enter three days of amazing contests for readers, writers and just for fun!

This Week In Writing:

-  When asking for help, don't be a d-bag. From Writer Beware Blog. (I may have paraphrased a little.)

- Author Valerie Kemp relays advice from agent Beth Fleisher of Barry Goldblatt Literary Agency on the importance of setting.

- Agent Nathan Bransford tells us what makes a setting great (and tells us a little more about himself in this great interview by author Tahereh Mafi).
    - If this week's anniversary extravaganza hasn't convinced you, Write It Sideways has a post about how writing groups can help you get published.

    - Author Kiersten White takes a look at why "odds are one of your favorite [YA] authors is Mormon."

    - Adventures in Children's Publishing also does a Friday round up, and it is ridiculously thorough. Head over there to see what I missed this week!

    This Week In Getting Published:

    - Author Hannah Moskowitz on the "you suck" button and how to cope

    - Branding: Not Just For Livestock Anymore at Query Tracker

    - Huge congrats to our friends Elana Johnson and Michelle Hodkin, who both announced book deals this week!

    This Week In Contests:

    In addition to all the crazy above, a few of us are celebrating on our individual blogs:
    Also, author Emily Casey is giving away a signed copy of Fairy Tale by Cyn Balog!

    This Week In The Random: 

    This seemed weirdly appropriate for the publishing industry:

    Every single one of these made me literally LOL (except for the vampire one, but come on-- a Graph Jam about YA has to be included!):

    From So Much Pun and Graph Jam

    Thank you all for your incredible response to our anniversary giveaway! Have a great weekend!
    Kate Hart

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    1. Kate Hart, I am crazy in love with you.

    2. I'm just so, so proud of Kody. That's so great.

    3. hahah another amazing lineup, lovely!

      i don't even know where you find these things. brilliant!

      (and thanks so much for the linkage!!)


    4. Wow! Thanks for the mention, there's a lot of great post in there I'm honored to be among them. Great roundup!

    5. I LOVE the BEA links! Thank you, thank you! Yay for the blurb for K's book. :D

      And thanks for the congrats for me.

    6. I am just catching up on things now, and wanted to say thank you so much for the congrats. I remember how I felt when Michelle S. and Amanda Hannah voted for my paragraph in Nathan B's contest and I was so, so starstruck that two of the YA Highway writers loved it. This blog has been so helpful and such an inspiration on my journey. Can't thank you all enough.

    7. Great article, I liked it.

      Please visit my blog, "Dreamz of a YA writer"

    8. What an awesome round-up! Love the pics and thank you for the link! We are honored!!!

      Martina & Marissa


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