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Field Trip Friday: May 7

Field Trip Friday

Our weekly trip around the field of YA with stops at the most helpful, interesting or otherwise entertaining news.

The Big News This Week

Authors Myra McEntire, Victoria Schwab and Amanda Morgan are auctioning off critiques, signed books, and more from authors, agents, editors, and other industry professionals. Go to Do the Write Thing for Nashville to help the flood victims by bidding on lots of fabulous items-- including some donated by YA Highway authors. All proceeds benefit the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.

This Week In Writing

This Week In Reading

This Week In Getting Published

This Week In Other Stuff

  • Our girl Kristin started a mini-meme with her "Beautiful People" post, prompting lots of us to join her-- check the comments for links.

      This Week In The Random

      Gaga videos even more awkward than last week's. Unbelievable.

      Inspired by the 82nd Airborne's version of "Telephone"...

      NPR made their own. (via my BFF)

      While what looks to be some frat guys did a Bad Romance/Poker Face/Paparazzi mashup (via @sjaejones)

      ~Kate Hart
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      1. Kate! I choked on my coffee first thing this morning! LOL Those videos were awesome!!

        As always, you rock the round-up!

        I'm gonna start calling you Cowgirl Kate! heehee

      2. I can't tell you how much that video of the soldiers warms my heart. My brother is a soldier (headed to Afghanistan in about a month), and though none of his platoon's hijinks made it to YouTube, I have some videos of them in Iraq that makes me so happy. They spend 80% of their time on full throttle, but the other 20% is lonely, desolate boredom, and to see that they fill that time with moments of joy makes me so happy.

        Annnnnnd... I am so proud of Kristin Otts for her Beautiful People Challenge. Here is my picture to go along with the others.

      3. Thanks for the links.
        I found the Beautiful People posts really interesting :)

      4. OMG I'm on y'all's blog?! :O

        I LOVE YOU GUYSSS! *hugs* <33

      5. Methinks that FTF is particularly full of win this week. Some awesome news/advice here. :) Great job, Kate!

      6. Great links, Kate! Tons of good stuff this week!

      7. Okay, that acapella video? BRILLIANT.

      8. As always, I love getting all the links I missed. I can't get behind the firewall to see the POV one, but I'm emailing myself right now...


      9. I'm completely obsessed with the soldiers singing Telephone. I've been watching it almost daily all week.

        And I love, love, love the "Beautiful" graphic you created with everyone's names.

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