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Field Trip Friday: May 21

Field Trip Friday
Our weekly trip around the field of YA with stops at the most helpful, interesting or otherwise entertaining news.

This might be the longest field trip I've ever taken. Settle in, kids. I hope you brought snacks and went to the bathroom before we left.

This Week In Writing

- Agent Elana Roth has a post about agent revisions with the best title ever: "Why Buy the Cow... (alternately titled 'If You Liked It, Then You Should Have Put a Ring on It.')" 

- Magic Realism: What It Is and Why It Matters, at "Insert Literary Blog Name Here." (yes, that's really the name of the blog.)

- At Plot to Punctuation: The secret to a breakout story is "make it personal."

- Author Dawn Metcalf takes a look at good guys-- not just in the mirror.

- Author Claudia Gray "In Defense of the Outline"

- Author Carrie Ryan: "But when are you going to write something happy?"

- I promise I'm not going to fangirl over Maggie Stiefvater every Friday, but she did have two awesome posts this week: Time management and No apology for bad parents.

- The Guardian takes a fascinating look at whether creativity can flourish in an online world where "everything is exposed, analysed and dissected."

How to Critique, from Carolyn Kaufman at QueryTracker

- Beautiful post from agent Betsy Lerner on revision and the power of writing.

This Week In Reading

- Author Kirsten Joy Rice cracked me up with her post about Team Peeta versus Team Gale. It's tearing families apart, people. (Personally, I'm with Kristin-- see the comments.)

Nothin' wrong with 'teen fiction' at The Guardian, which also lists their choices for best children's books ever.

- Lost in translation: Chinese Harry Potter rip offs

- Author James Preller looks at reverse sexism in "books for boys."

This Week In Getting Published

- Wastepaper Prose (also an amazing blog name) shows no matter what your level, the waiting is indeed the hardest part.

- What the experts say about social media, from author Cory Jackson

- At The Literary Platform: The Future of Publishing from an author's POV

- The iPad overlords will ruin publishing. (Michelle was totally right.)

- Author Brian Bliss at Jedi! Ninja! Homeboy! (another amazing blog name!) has a great post about the angst of rejection.

- Still feeling down? Go play Rejection Bingo at OxyJen (via @Georgia_McBride).
This Week In Contests

- Not a contest exactly, but the girls at Forever Young Adult want to hear your prom horror stories.

- Author Abby Stevens is giving away two signed YA books!

- Agent Mandy Hubbard is taking entries for query critiques.

- Dude. ONE HUNDRED PEOPLE win this contest with agent Kathleen Ortiz at The great KOrtizzle also has a Grab Bag mystery prize contest going on at her own blog-- it ends tonight, so get over there!

ETA: Her Sharkness agent Janet Reid is giving away an ARC of Charles Benoit's YOU, which fellow YAH members say is freaking incredible.

This Week In Other Stuff

You can also do your blog:
YA Highway shoes!

- Great stuff from teens around the internet:
     -- Author Sumayyah Daud has a thoughtful post on faith, choice and sexuality.
     -- Our girl Emilia turned 17 and she wants to talk to you about drugs drapes.

- The New York Times will be announcing its "20 Under 40" list of the "most talented and important American writers of their generation." One eligible novelist says making the cut is like "a hot Jersey girl getting into a trendy nightclub." Personally, I think John Green should make the list, but I bet you a gazillion dollars he doesn't. *grumble*

- Author Natalie Whipple has a guide to YAWESOME, the language of young adult writers on social media.

- The always hilarious Cake Wrecks featured kids book cakes in its Sunday Sweet segment. 

- ZOMG. *flails hands* Perks of Being a Wallflower is going to be a movie AND author Stephen Chbosky wrote the script AND he's directing it AND Emma Watson is in it! Please excuse me while I fangirl myself into a coma. (via Sarah LaPolla)
This Week In The Random

Nice inspirational video via author Karen Mahoney

And a little auto-tune writing goodness from author Jackson Pearce: "Writers' Blok"

~ Kate Hart
Kate Hart

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  1. I think I just died from the awesomeness of these links.

  2. Holy smokes. Kate, you have outdone yourself. That magical realism post was awesome.

    And hell yes - the IPADs are no joke, people.

    ps-you are amazing AMAZING for doing this every. single. week.

  3. You have no idea how badly I want to buy a Team Gale shirt
    Also that kickass monster book of monsters.

    Great links, too.

  4. OMG!!!

    Writers Blok FTW!!!!!!!

  5. I just keep watching the Writer's Blok video over and over. Jackson Pearce is insanely awesome. Can't wait for SISTERS RED.

  6. I lurve these links. Defo will be back! way helpful.

  7. Thanks for the linkage! So many good articles to read.

  8. I am crushing on the YA Highway blog shoes! <3

  9. Amazing links this week! & I promise I'm not saying that just because... okay, that's gonna sound bad no matter what, but seriously, great roundup. :))


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