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YA Highwayers Hosting #YALitChat Tomorrow!

Tomorrow (Wednesday, April 21st, 9PM EST) YA Highwayers Kirsten Hubbard and Kristin Miller will be borrowing the reins from the amazing Georgia McBride and hosting #YALitChat!

YALitChat is a boisterous and enlightening weekly chat organized through Twitter. Participants range from writing newbies to bestselling authors, agents and publishing folk -- you never know who you might encounter!

Founded in September 2009 by Georgia McBride, over the months YALitChat has bloomed into a popular online community. A new YALitChat wordpress allows participants and community members to keep track of topics and chat transcripts.

The easiest way to participate is through TweetChat. Just sign in with your Twitter account and enter the #yalitchat hashtag. No serial refreshing necessary.

YALitChat takes place Wednesdays at 9pm EST. Tomorrow's topic is still to be determined. If you have any great ideas, let Kirsten and Kristin know in the comments. We hope you'll join us!
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  1. Exciting! I will definitely need to join you!

  2. What should I do with all my free time?

    Georgia McBride

  3. YAY! I will for sure try to stop in this week!

    With so many fabulous books coming out in 2010, I've been thinking a lot about what makes some YA novels break out, while others seem to not catch on despite their awesomeness. Nathan Bransford posted today about the science of "buzz" and it definitely added another layer to that train of thought. I'd be curious to hear what everyone thinks!

  4. Thanks for the reminder. :) My hubby is out of town so I can blog and twitter at will for the whole week. :)

  5. Michelle: I'm trying to comment on your blog & it's not working, but basically, you rock and we're totally in love with "buzz" as a topic. Thanks so much!!!


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