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Field Trip Friday: April 9

Field Trip Friday is a weekly trip around the field of YA with stops at the most helpful, interesting or otherwise entertaining news.

The Big News This Week
The New York Times was all over the publishing Twitterverse this week. Their take on "The Parent Problem in Young Adult" was widely discussed: Our girl Kaitlin wrote a post, as did author Liz Page, who suggests the problem isn't the parents-- it's the fact that YA is written from a perspective that assumes the parents are clueless, when that isn't necessarily the truth. Author Courtney Summers had  a  few  things  to  say  about  it too.

Also: Aw, isn't that nice. A NYT ethicist has decided it's okay to download books without paying!  Agent Nathan Bransford begs to differ, and Chris Meadows at TeleRead has an interesting take.
(Full disclosure:  My fellow YAHers bring me the e-book links. Thank you ladies!)

This Week In Writing

This Week In Reading
  • A group of writers got together to discuss the subject of strong female characters. A few of my favorite quotes from this fab series are below, but be sure to follow the links and check out all five!

    "Falling in love doesn’t mean losing yourself and that is where we separate the strong from the weak." - Jennifer Walkup
    "...having an acid tongue is not a substitute for strength. Sometimes it’s just spitefulness." - Tracey Martin
  • And along those lines, Maggie Stiefvater has a wonderful post about teenage relationships that work. (Confession: I've recently become something of a Maggie fangirl.)

    "If teens get nothing else from SHIVER, I hope they get this: that if you are open to love and are willing to settle for nothing less than someone who is completely into you and just you, who respects you for who you are, who is happy with your boundaries and interested in keeping you happy, you will find it. I want every teen who reads SHIVER to settle for nothing less than a relationship with that kind of equality and respect. Because you'll get what you demand, and if you go into it knowing that sort of love is possible -- well, you're a heckuva lot more likely to get it. It kills me when I meet teen girls who are dating some jerk who is less than respectful of them or who is making them do things they aren't ready for or who is disinterested or condescending. Real love lets you be the person you're meant to be. It makes you a bigger person, not less of one."
  • Blogger Lenore discusses faux pas in book blogging etiquette

  • Publishers Weekly discusses Fat Vampires, Sexy Werewolves and the Future of Teen Reading, and they're discussing angel trends at The Guardian, ironically enough.

This Week In Getting Published

This Week In Other Stuff
The lovely Lisa and Laura Roecker are hosting The Book Sniper today on their blog. Head over and leave your publishing questions in their comments!

And finally...
Our girl Amanda celebrated a birthday this week!

Our teen contributor, Emilia Plater, is pretty much the most adorable thing ever. Here's her fantastic wrap up to agent Colleen Lindsay's "No Whining Week":

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  1. Yay! Awesome round-up.

    And Emilia, proper words fail me. Epic, m'love. Simply epic. <3

  2. Thanks for linking! And yes - love the video :)

  3. Morning Highway, thanks for sharing all these fun links, I'm beginning to love your Friday posts!

    Shameless promotion:

    I have an awesome guest post today on my blog by Cole Gibsen.

    This one is pure query/submission gold folks in which she shares the ACTUAL query that landed her an agent and the correspondence that ensued.

    Please stop by to read, comment and follow.


  4. Okay, this week I have to say that Emilia has upstaged Kate in her awesomeness!! Have to agree, that was EPIC!

  5. Awesome links. Loved the one about the future of YA. :)

  6. Great round-up today! Excellent links.

  7. Emilia, there is a little picture of you next to "Adorable" in the dictionary. That is all.

    (Oh, and amazing round-up as usual, Kate!)

  8. Great round up, ladies! Thanks so much for the shout out! Have a fab weekend!


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