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Field Trip Friday: April 23

Field Trip Friday is a weekly trip around the field of YA
with stops at the most helpful, interesting or otherwise entertaining news. 

This Week's Big News (for us)

Thank you so much for getting YA Highway to 500+ followers!
We are flattered, grateful and looking forward to celebrating our one-year anniversary with all of you next month-- keep an eye out for fun guest posts, quizzes, contests and more!

This Week In Writing 

This Week In Getting Published
  • Kirsten and Kristin did a fab job hosting this week's #yalitchat discussion of buzz. You can read the discussion by searching the hashtag on Twitter. Author Megan Curd wrote up a blog post about it as well.
    eta: You can read the transcript in PDF form here.

  • Speaking of buzz, author Sarah Mlynowski created quite a bit with her fun Twitter question: "Ever wonder what YA authors would tell their high school selves?" Her #gimmeacall hashtag ended up with over 1000 responses, not to mention fantastic visibility for her book of the same name.

  • Remember last week when I said I just love Veronica Roth? Apparently so does Harper Collins! "In a deal she described as a 'major' pre-empt, agent Joanna Stampfel-Volpe of Nancy Coffey Literary sold a three-book YA series to Molly O'Neill at HarperCollins's Katherine Tegen Books." Read Vee's end of the story here and go tell her congrats!

This Week In Contests
Author Lily Meade has a fun contest going-- Books AND an earth-friendly water bottle.

This Week In Other Stuff 

  • The Rejecter explains proper etiquette at conferences like BEA.  

  • Want to celebrate Earth Day a day late? Visit author Lydia Kang's blog to find out how to make your blog carbon neutral.

  • Huge congrats to our friend Kathleen, who signed with agent Emmanuelle Alspaugh at Judith Ehrlich Literary Management!

  • Check out the premiere of editor T. H. Mafi's new Querypolitan magazine!

And finally...

The sequel to her smash hit CRACKED UP TO BE (A LYCANTRHOPIST)...


(In case you've never noticed, Courtney has a serious hatred of werewolves. But we still Photobucket her.)

Kate Hart

Kate is the author of After the Fall, coming January 24, 2017 from Farrar, Straus and Giroux. A former teacher and grant writer, she now owns a treehouse-building business in the Ozarks and hosts the Badass Ladies You Should Know interview series.

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  1. I think Courtney is going to have a hit on her hands.

  2. I don't blame Courtney, werewolves can be creepy. And congrats on reaching 500 followers. (Thanks for the contest linkage, too.)

  3. Great book covers, Kate. Genius!

    Thanks everyone who followed us and got us to 500! You all ROCK.

  4. These were really, really great links (clicked on damn near every one a them suckers). Thanks for sharing!

  5. Congrats on reaching 500 and thanks so much for the mention (I seriously love you guys).

    And you put Courtney Summers in there just to torment me, right? Cause werewolves are cool? Right?

    *small whimper* Please no one tell Emmanuelle that they're not cool.

  6. I love it. Poor Courtney.

    Congrats to y'all on reaching 500 (yeah, I just got southern there). Also, congrats to Veronica and Kathleen. This week has been HUGE!

  7. another fab lineup, ladies!!

    love your handiwork, kate ;D

    (& thanks for the linkage!! Querypolitan is now accepting resumes!)

  8. Thanks, guys! And congrats on the 500 followers! I'm so pleased to be one of them. And congrats to Kathleen! Wow, I'm using a lot of exclamation points!

    Now I can't stop!

    *cough* Anyway, great links.

  9. I LOVE the pic of the QB! Awesome link collection as always. Thanks for the shoutout!

  10. Thanks for the shout out ladies! And congrats on 500 followers! Can't wait to see what you gals come up with next.

  11. Thank you for posting the PDF of the chat the other night. I wanted to join in, but the internet provider here blocked it for some reason. I am loving reading over it and seeing what you all discussed, though!

  12. Awesome links! I just wait till Friday and then you give all the important goings-on! LOL

    (No I'm not lazy, I', efficient!)

    Great as always Kate!! And the covers rock!!


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