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Field Trip Friday: April 2

Field Trip Friday is a weekly trip around the field of YA with stops at the most helpful, interesting or otherwise entertaining news.

The Big News This Week

Wait, you mean besides the attack of the e-book overlords and the announcement of a sixth Twilight movie? Just a little announcement from the biggest name in YA. No biggie.


This Week In Writing

This Week In Getting Published
  • Something like a phenomenon: Agent Nathan Bransford explains the limits of blockbuster marketing.

  • Two posts about how writing a query can reveal a bigger issue with your novel: Writer Unboxed takes the loglines approach, and author Janice Hardy details several ways the problem manifests.

  • On Monday, author Laurie Halse Anderson did a long Q&A session on Twitter. Check out the #asklaurie hashtag, and get your questions ready for another session at 4pm EST on Tuesday, April 13th!

This Week In Reading

This Week In Contests

This Week In Other Stuff
  • Think being an award-winning author will feed your need for attention? Guess again. Read Neil Gaiman's account of invisibility at the Oscars.

  • Woohoo! We hit 400 blog followers this week! Thank you all for hanging out on the YA Highway with us-- we love you all!

  • Happy (late) birthday to lovely Leila, our resident kiwi!

And finally...

This video from agents Suzie Townsend and Joanna Volpe had us crying with laughter:

As did this one:
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    1. I simply can't tire of that Single Ladies kid. freaking funny. "Yeah you are, you're a single lady!"

      The agent vid is fantabuloso...and thanks to the music, I must now watch HIMYM to get my Neil Patrick Harris fix.

    2. OMG - just watched it again and caught it - O'DOYLE RULES FTW!!! YESSS!!!!

    3. I know, that sealed it for me too.

      Oh! You know what would be epic? Agent video set to Beyonce. *hatches diabolical plan for LA...*

    4. "you can be a single lady if you want!"

      My word! I'm bawling! ROFL!

    5. Phew - loads of info. Thanks! I'm going to watch again now!

    6. That video was just awesome. And the Wizarding World foods... oh my goodness! My husband and I are planning to go in February - can't wait!

    7. Hi Kate, thanks for the post and the links to all the helpful articles.

      Can't watch the videos at work, but I'll come back this afternoon and check them out!

      Shameless promotion:

      Please visit my blog and comment today. I have a post by guest blogger Justine Dell where she shares an ACTUAL query letter of hers that found success.

      She is a wonderfully lady, always willing to help another writer and I would really like her to get the recognition she deserves.


    8. haha that video (both of the videos) made me laugh so hard. I probably shouldn't confess that I've watched both more than once...more than twice...

    9. it's true! Joanna and Suzie are like that EVERY. DAY.

    10. Completely loved both videos!!! (Erm why yes I HAVE watched them multiple times and laughed even harder)

    11. yayyyyyy awesome post guys, as USUAL!!

      thanks for the linkage :D :D


    12. Oh. My. Heck. Both of those videos are epic. Thanks for sharing!! :) And that sixth Twilight movie looks pretty rockin'. *wink*

    13. Great post Kate! I love that single ladies video. So. Funny. :)

      And of course thanks for the link. When I posted our video, I did have a moment of "I hope people think this is as funny as we do..."

      And no, Judith, we are not like that *every* day! Only some days. haha :)

    14. The double post gives you away, Suzie . . .

      (step away from the whisky - the queries aren't THAT bad)

      Great post, Kate.

    15. Thanks so much for including me in the links! This is a great weekly round up. Now I'm off to check out some of the other articles you recommended. :)

    16. BEST. VIDEOs. EVER!
      My mind is blown by the amount of win.


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