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Field Trip Friday: March 5

Field Trip Friday is a weekly trip around the field of YA with stops at the most helpful, interesting or otherwise entertaining news.

This Week In Writing
  • The Intern also has advice for how to end your book.

    "So many YA manuscripts start out fun, crazy, and wonderful, then enter this weird spiral where the author doesn't know how to resolve all the zany hi-jinks and starts freaking out..."
    • Struggling to name your book? The ever-helpful Rachelle Gardner has a method.

    This Week In Getting Published
    • A big week for friends getting covers: Janice Hardy revealed The Shifter 2: Blue Fire, and in case we haven't spammed you enough with it, our very own Kirsten Hubbard got her beautiful Like Mandarin cover.

    This Week In Reading
    • I believe my exact comment on Twitter was "I want to make out with this post." That's how much I love Maggie Stiefvater's defense of YA.

    This Week In Other Stuff
    Don't forget the little people-- and if someone who helped you on the road to success happens to be a BIG person? Definitely don't forget them, much less humiliate them. Author Will Leitch shares his cringe worthy story of mistreating mentor Roger Ebert.

    And finally...
    I put a call out on Twitter last night for "funny and/or random" things to end this post. Here's what I got:
    Please don't be this guy.

    Or this one.

    And DEFINITELY not this one.

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    1. Thanks for all the linkage! And congrats to Kirsten. :)

    2. great round-up as always, Kate. and thanks, Suzette!

      The leather jacket tweet made me LOL like crazy.

    3. Love this round up every week! Thanks!

    4. What? I thought the hammer lady was an awesome story! lol

    5. I really liked the Alice Hoffman article. Curious to read her YA but none of the local stores have it in stock.

    6. OMG, loving the random tweetage, lol--that's classic! :D Thanks for all the great links!

    7. hahaha! Great round up. :) Glad the alien diet book query could contribute!

    8. Thanks everybody, glad you liked it-- and thanks Suzette and Suzie for the material! I'll use Suzette's "be brave" advice to read Suzie's alien diet submission. LOL


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