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Field Trip Friday: March 26

Field Trip Friday is a weekly trip around the field of YA with stops at the most helpful, interesting or otherwise entertaining news.

The Big News This Week?
Bologna Book Fair. In the words of author Melissa Marr, "It's the biggie for international sales in 'kidlit.'" Follow the #bbf10 hashtag to see what's hot. According to agent Ginger Clark, the big things this year appear to be dystopias and angels.

This Week In Writing
  • Think you're no good? That might indicate you're awesome, according to Nathan Bransford. 
  • The Gatekeeper suggests you eat your words, kind of literally: "Count how many "she/he"s and protagonist names there are in your first page," then eat a mini-cupcake for each one and see how you feel about it. 

Delicious cake pictures courtesy of the multi-talented Kristin D. Miller

This Week In Reading

Download Melissa Marr's exclusive e-book original sequel to INK EXCHANGE and
the book that started the series, WICKED LOVELY.

This Week In Getting Published 
  • How long is this whole "getting published" thing going to take? Agent Rachelle Gardner says, "It depends." 
  • Author Doyce Testerman, husband of agent Kate Testerman, crunches the numbers on how much reading an agent does. The short answer:

    "Now we’re up to 1200 pages of reading. That’s the full Lord of the Rings trilogy, including the introductions from every published edition since 1954, the Prologue, “a note on Shire reckoning”, Appendices A, B, C, D, and E, the Quenya alphabet and pronunciation guide, and the Index. Every week."

This Week In Contests

In case you haven't noticed, we kind of adore agents Kathleen Ortiz and Suzie Townsend around here.  Run over and enter their current contest, and win an 8 minute Skype chat with them!

    This Week In Other Stuff

    And finally...
    Because my job around here is to bring the random:

    Did you see our zombie vlog?


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        1. Oh man...Kate, I love you. The Snapes on a plane, the Gaga graphic....that LOTR rock pic is priceless. And the links rule too - I love Mr. Testerman's quote, that's amazing and awesome.

        2. You rock. That's all there is to it. Raw raw raw LOL

        3. Love it! Especially the pics at the end haha.

        4. Excellent trip today! I love the Snapes. That is too funny.

        5. ahahahahahaha

          you are so amazing. i hart you.


        6. Thanks for the link! And also: all the other links that filled my brain with useful information. And also: for getting the "they see me rollin'/they hatin'" song in my head.

          Okay, not so much with the thanks on that one.

        7. OMG I AM IN A FIELD TRIP FRIDAY. I feel famous!!! :D Thanks, Kate. Fantastic links as usual!

        8. Excellent links, thanks!

          (hehehe, Snapes on a plane)

        9. LOeffingL. where in the world do you find these amazing pictures?

        10. I'm so glad I'm going to be you when I grow up.

          Dirty South

        11. Another great field trip. Honestly, Kate, you're the queen of ya lit memorabilia.

        12. I knew you YAHers would like the Gaga. :)

          If Laurie is going to be me when she grows up, does that mean eventually she'll be married to Tahereh? This is all so confusing.

          Happy birthday Suzie, and thanks everyone!

        13. Thanks for the linky love! Oh, and RAW RAW RAW RAW RAW had me rolling. That graph is made of win!


        14. Great recap of the week! And you mentioned my blog..yay! If only my 11 year old self would have known how many people would one day be reading her diary on a blog! Wait, I think first she'd want to know what a blog or even the internet is! (does that make my 31 year old self sound old??!!)

        15. Snapes are hysterical. Love it. Thanks for the great links for including mine! =)


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