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Field Trip Friday: February 5

Field Trip Friday is a weekly trip around the field of YA with stops at the most helpful, interesting or otherwise entertaining news.

The big news in publishing this week:

Amazon versus Macmillan. I'm woefully underqualified to comment, but here are a few articles about the smackdown. I *may* have chosen links based on best titles.

Other big news:

SCBWI New York took place last weekend, and YA Highway writers Kirsten, Kody and Kaitlin, with help from Joanna Stampfel-Volpe, Michelle Andelman, Laura Whitaker, Suzie Townsend and Kathleen Ortiz, brought back wisdom in both list and movie form.

A fantastic conversation went down Thursday on Twitter about gender in YA, spearheaded by the lovely Maureen Johnson.

Huge congrats to author Libba Bray, who signed a major book deal at Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, rumored to be worth $2 million!

This week on writing:

This week in editing:
  • Two uber helpful articles from Gary Corby, via Janet Reid: Using autocorrect to avoid your most common crutch words and using advanced search to seek and destroy the others.

  • Are you a visual learner? You might like the shrunken manuscript technique, explained here by Darcy Pattison and shown in video by Sarah Miller.
  • Our friend Vee Roth at That Thing I'm Writing has a good step by step process for facing your beta readers' feedback. (She also has a funny post this week about winter in Chicago.)

This week in other stuff:
  • I won't link to it every week, because that's obnoxious, but from now on I'll be posting a companion Friday series on my own blog, rounding up some of the best Tweets of the week.
  • A truckload of Ricky Gervais's children's books went missing, giving Bookninja an excuse to post this video of Ricky and Elmo, which had me crying with laughter by the end-- and gives ME a good excuse to post my one of my favorite Sesame Street clips ever.

Finally, NPR had an article this week about six word memoirs. Can you tell your life story in exactly six words? How about your book-- can you sum up the plot? Leave yours in the comments!

And speaking of comments, here are a few of my favorite Chuck Norris jokes from last week:
Chuck Norris doesn't query. He just tells literary agents how it's gonna be.
Chuck Norris doesn't "kill his darlings." They take one look at him and kill themselves.
Chuck Norris doesn't send an SASE when he queries, because no agent would be foolish enough to reject him.
Chuck Norris doesn't write books; he stares words down until they get in line.


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  1. LOL at the Chuck Norris jokes. Hilarious!

  2. Kate, you are a freakin rock star!! AWESOME post.

  3. fab field trip, as always! thanks, kate!

  4. Thanks ladies. Lee, I'll make that my six sentence story: "I am a freaking rock star." :D

  5. Scott's post on the A vs M fiasco was brilliant. One of the must reads on the whole mess.

    Six words?

    Manuscript: "BFF? Beast. Fangs. Fur."
    Life: "But nothing much happened."

  6. Wow, I had no idea this place existed and yet it *seems* so fun and informative. (I reserve the right to change my mind at any moment.)

    Thanks for the kind mention on Twitter. Much appreciated. And I'm sure I'll see some of you around AW.

  7. The Chuck Norris jokes totally made my day!

  8. Fantastic round-up -- thanks! :D

  9. Ha, great round-up! All the Amazon stuff is fascinating.

  10. LIKE MANDARIN in six words:
    beauty, badlands, wildwinds and wild girls. :)

  11. REFUGE in six words...
    Hiking, football, whiskey and some witches.

  12. Ooh, I like this game! :D

    SEVEN in six words: there's no curse you can't break.

    CITY OF SHADOWS in six words: this love's illegal, but who cares?



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