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Field Trip Friday: February 26

 Field Trip Friday is a weekly trip around the field of YA with stops at the most helpful, interesting or otherwise entertaining news.

This Week in Writing
  • 10 Rules For Writing Fiction from a slough of top writers, at the Guardian. On the flip side, advice on how to write-- from a reader, at Salon.
  • Romance writer Keli Gwyn shares her plotting strategy in detail-- from a Post It note color legend to the exact measurements for drawing your grid lines. 
  • Author Aprilynne Pike has some reassuring news about original ideas, neatly illustrated by one of THE MOST AWESOME videos ever. You must watch it and be amazed. 

This Week in Getting Published
  • Author Carrie Harris posted her guide to Queryland, including the helpful hint to never enter the email address until everything else in the query is done and proofed, in order to avoid "accidental emailage."

This Week in Reading
  • Magic Under Glass gets a new cover. Pretty!
  • Twihards: The Cullens' house is not only for sale, but the price has been reduced! (Vampires or no, you have to admit, it's a sweet house.)
  • What people are reading, broken down by city: Turns out everyone is reading Stephenie Meyer's THE HOST.

This Week in Other Stuff
  • Two YA Highway birthdays this week: Michelle and I both turned 30, on the 23rd and today, respectively.
  • Congrats to Rachel at TWFT, who announced this week that she is now agented!

And finally:
Via Kristin Otts as well as my friend and hardcore nerdfighter Peter (hi Peter!):
Maureen Johnson gives us all permission to suck.
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  1. (Happy Birthday. (: )

    This continues to marvel me, how you come up with all these links. The YA Highway is one freaking awesome line on a very intricate and intimidating road map.

  2. *gasp* You revealed our age!!!

    The Blue Lipstick Samurai, that is the best name ever. And thanks for the compliment!

    Also, that video on the four chords was so awesome/hilarious - I facebooked it.

    Thanks Abby! And happy b-day, Kate!!

  3. That video was epic and makes a great point. Thanks for the links, Kate!
    aaaannndd Happy Birthday you old meese lol


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