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Perks, perks, perks.

And the winner of our MINI-GIVEAWAY is........
Sandy Shin

Sandy, look for an email in your inbox tonight from me, and pick your book from the choices in this post. You're still eligible for the grand prize.

Everyone, keep an eye out for MORE surprise mini-giveaways this month!

And now...back to work. :)

I'm spending my holiday season working in a very happy place. A place filled with books. And coffee. Not just any coffee.

Starbucks coffee. Gingerbread latte, anyone?

Yup, I'm at Barnes and Noble. And I'm not going to lie – the discount is going to get me in some serious trouble. It's sweet, especially around the holidays.

As a matter of fact, it's so sweet, I want to share it...with you guys!

That's right, here it is: our first mini-giveaway as part of our 100 Followers Celebration! Wait, wait...make that

This one's for the boys – or for the girls who like boys. And action. And car chases. And general good, old-fashioned James-Bond-Die-Hard-testosteroni fun.

The choices:

The rules:

Head back over to our 100 Followers Celebration post and follow the instructions to enter. You already did that? Then you're finished! Haven't done that yet? Are you insane? Go enter already!!

  1. Don't comment on this post to enter this mini-giveaway – your entry in the original contest enters you automatically. (Although I'd love to hear your thoughts anyway if you want to share!)
  2. Winning this contest does not disqualify you from the other big prizes! No worries. You may just be that super-lucky person who wins twice and ticks everyone else off in the process.
The winner:

Chooses any one of the above books, and I will order and ship it to you personally! (If you haven't started the Alex Rider series yet but want to, let me know and I'll swap it out for number one (Stormbreaker) instead. Same goes for Percy Jackson. If you already own all of these, we'll work something out, no worries.)

Tweet! Facebook! Email! Spread the word to anyone who hasn't entered our 100 Followers Celebration, because this little contest is closing at 5pm today, EST. Go! Go! Go!

A little hinty-hint...this isn't the last of our mini-giveaways. If you haven't entered yet...go on. You know you want to.

Mini-contest is over!
But you can still enter our EVEN BIGGER giveaway...
Michelle Schusterman

Michelle writes books for kids, screenplays for a tv/film production company, and music for anyone who'd buy a "groove matters" bumper sticker. She lives in New York City with her husband (and band mate) and their chocolate lab (who is more of a vocalist). She is the author of middle grade series I Heart Band - 2014, and The Kat Sinclair Files - 2015 (both from Grosset).

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  1. Grats on the followers count! Enjoy some latte for the rest of us too! lol!


  2. Yay! This seriously made my day. Thank you so much, and congrats on 200+ followers! You guys totally deserve it! :)


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