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New Voices! Celise Downs: The 5 -Year Writing List

To celebrate the holiday season, we're sharing our followers with some fantastic guest bloggers. Last in our New Voices series is Celise Downs, who's looking to the future.

A little about Celise:

Celise Downs is the author of Secrets and Kisses and Dance Jam Productions. She loves James Bond (Sean and Pierce ONLY), Linkin Park and Betty Boop. And she's seriously addicted to adult romance books. When she's not watching her favorite T.V. shows (and there are many), her WIP is a series she plans to podcast next year, Draven Atreides: Teenage Informant, about a 16-yr-old girl who's been recruited by the FBI as an informant. Check her out at

The 5-Year Writing List
When it comes to my writing, I do not plan.

I do not outline.

I do not have plot parties.

I am a complete and unabashed pantser when it comes to my writing life.

So when I saw the 5-Year Writing Plan blog post by Bria over at LUV YA, my first immediate thought was,

“My 5-year writing plan is to still be writing 5 yrs later. Duh.”

But after reading the post and the responses, it got me to thinking about where I wanted to take my writing. So, instead of a plan, I came up with a list:

1. Complete the DA series – Although I’m hoping it won’t take me 5 yrs to do so.

2. Get the DA series published…traditionally.

3. Write a collection of short stories and get them published…traditionally.

4. Write outside my genre – Preferably adult romance. Discussion of this addiction was discussed in Road Trip Wednesday #5

5. *Start another series?

6. **Create a DA spin-off series

Compared to the other comments at LUV YA’s house, my list seems pretty vague. But I know me and I know my writing style. Plans tend to fall apart, so I prefer to keep everything open-ended. Yet it still gives me something to work towards.

So here’s my question to all of you: Do you have a 5 Year Writing Plan/List?

~Celise Downs
*I have a couple of ideas in case I have a hard time writing standalones.

**The MC in my DA series is part of a special “program” that could be expanded

Kirsten Hubbard

Kirsten is the author of Like Mandarin, Wanderlove, and the middle grade novel Watch the Sky.

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  1. Five years seems like such a long stretch of time. I have a hard time planning for one year! I like this idea, though, so maybe I'll have to make myself some sort of plan.

  2. I'm so glad we booted you past the "Still writing" plan! This looks great. I *know* you can do this.

    (Plus, it was really fun to visit you outside your home blog :) )


  3. This is a great idea. I read it over at Luv YA and got to working on my own.

    Hey Ya Highway! This sounds like a great Road Trip Wednesday topic. I am itching to jump in on another RTW.

  4. Hi Rachel! We'll be starting again after the holidays are over, on Wednesday, January 6th. Here's a hint: start digging up your old writing...

  5. Thanks for the great bost, Bria, and thanks for the comments here. I never really thought about my writing career in the long run, but you really do have to think of it like a business.


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