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Epic Book Survey 2009

In 2009, I challenged some of the Absolute Write YA forum members to read 100 books (or 50, if that was too lofty a goal). Some of us did it! Some of us didn't. But all of us read a ton.

Whether or not you took part in that challenge, now that the year's over, it's time to look back at all those piles of books. Which were the most memorable? Which were the funniest? The most disturbing? Which character do you want to run away with? What covers caught your eye?

I'm not just interested in my own answers to these questions – I want to know yours! The solution: Epic Book Survey, version 2009.

THE (casual) RULES: Fill out the survey on your own blog, then post the link in our comments section. Only include books you've read in the past year (to the best of your knowledge; I understand not everyone kept track on a handy Goodreads list). That doesn't necessarily mean books written in 2009 – just books you read in 2009.

If you can't figure out a book that fits, never fear -- just skip that question. And if you can't narrow an answer to one – no problem! We're flexible. I'm a crazy cheater myself. Repeats are fine. For an example, hop on over to my blog. As you'll see, we're keeping things positive; no book-bashing, please.

And! And!

On Friday, January 8th, a random survey participant will win a copy of Kristin Cashore's FIRE, her sort-of prequel to GRACELING. (Open only to the US and Canada this time, but we'd love our international readers to participate for fun!)

Here we go...

  • Most imaginative:
  • Funniest:
  • Scariest:
  • Edgiest contemporary:
  • Creepiest SF/dystopia:
  • Most evocative historical:
  • Best love story:

  • Most hilarious:
  • Scariest:
  • Most disturbing:
  • Steamiest:
  • Most exciting:
  • Biggest tear-jerker:
  • Best plot twist/revelation (no spoilers!!) :

  • Best couple:
  • Who you'd want as your best friend:
  • Who you fell in love with:
  • Worst (best?) villain:
  • Best character twist (who you loved, then hated, or vice versa):
  • Best character names:
  • Worst character names:
  • Favorite all-around kickass female:
  • Favorite all-around kickass male:

  • Best book cover:
  • Best title:
  • Most memorable voice
  • Most memorable first line:
  • Best setting:
  • Most beautiful writing:

  • Will any of the books you've read in 2009 make your life list of Favorite Books?
Kirsten Hubbard

Kirsten is the author of Like Mandarin, Wanderlove, and the middle grade novel Watch the Sky.

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    Here's my list at my blog. I read a lot of good books this year, but some of them didn't make it on to the superlatives.


    that would be mine =) sadly i couldnt only remember a one hand finger count of books i read this year T_T -signs up for 2010 goodbooks account-


    I did it! Just for fun, of course :)

  4. Here's mine!


    I read hardly anything this year :( Just about 6 or 7 books circling around my mind, with others that I'm forgetting. Oh wells. Next year shall be different!

  6. Adding mine! ^_^

  7. My epic book survey!


    That's mine. I'm not from the US, but your survey sounds fun so I joined in.


  9. Here's mine (for fun):

    122 books last year - I had lots to choose from. :)

  10. Thanks for a good topic for my second blog post ever ;-)

  11. Admittedly I'm running late as usual, but here's my list :)

  12. What a great idea! Here is my survey:

  13. I'm a bit late, but here it is:

    It was much more difficult to remember things than I thought it would be! I could definitely use goodbooks.


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