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Road Trip Wednesday #1: Ideas!

Welcome to our first Road Trip Wednesday!

Road Trip Wednesday is a "Blog Carnival": starting today, YA Highway's contributors will post a weekly writing or reading-related question and answer it in on our own blogs. We'll link to the answers here, so you can hop from destination to destination (hence the road trip theme) and get everybody's unique take on the topic.

You're more than welcome to participate! Just answer the question on your own blog, and leave a link to it in the comments. We'll definitely check it out.

So for our inaugural topic, we went for the question most frequently asked of writers...

Question 1: Where do you get your ideas?
  • Kaitlin Ward: "My mind is a strange place. You just never know what you might find there..."
  • Amanda Hannah: "Instead of thinking about what did happen, I start to think about what could happen..."
  • Kristin Miller: "Ideas come surprisingly, at inopportune times, unbidden, as whispers, as shouts..."
  • Michelle Shusterman: "When you write a story, your characters talk. A lot. And if you want to figure them and their tale out, you’ve got to talk back..."
  • Kirsten Hubbard: "We're always pulling from that vast database in our heads, filled with books and movies and memories..."

Road trip song of the week
"Wanted Dead or Alive" by Bon Jovi
Kirsten Hubbard

Kirsten is the author of Like Mandarin, Wanderlove, and the middle grade novel Watch the Sky.

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  1. *pops Bon Jovi in the tape deck*

  2. *has to pee*

    guys, can we pull over?

  3. Not until the song's over. Squeeze, woman, SQUEEZE!

  4. *Hands Kirsten an empty bottle*
    *Is immediately ostracized*

  5. *tosses bottle into passing convertible*


  6. ROFL. OMG, you guys are hysterical. *makes note to speed up and pass the car full of crazy women*

  7. Oh, and I posted today as well.

  8. Okay, are we supposed to include how we get our writing ideas in the comments? It's hard to tell with this twitter chat going on!


  9. If you have your own blog you make a post about the subject then comment here with the link so anyone reading the article can find yours :)


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