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Move over, Susan Boyle!

Borrowing from kt literary's fabulous blog....

Maybe she isn't making Simon's jaw drop, but Scotland native Louise Brown is getting some attention this week.

At 91 years old, Ms. Brown first became a customer of Castle Douglas library in 1946. Since then she has been a regular, reading a minimum of six books a week.

Shall I save you the math?

According to BBC News, she's about to check out her 25,000th book.

Right? That's a pretty staggering number.

This article got me thinking about my library days. What with all the traveling the past few years, I've given myself over to ebooks and whatnot, although I still love the feel of a real, honest-to-goodness book in my hands. And I don't frequent libraries nearly as much as I should.

Summer vacation back in my middle school days meant two things: swimming and biking to the library in the neighborhood next to mine. I'd check out two or three books, devour them, then bring them back the next day and check out a few more. Repeat.

That sounds like an impressive number, but these were mostly Sweet Valley High books and the like. (Don't make fun- SVH defined YA back then!)

But to keep that kind of momentum for so hat's off to Ms. Brown. Truly amazing.

I'm sure Simon would agree.
Michelle Schusterman

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  1. LOL Simon.
    That's a really awesome story!

  2. Yay Louise! 25,000 is an astonishing number. I'm just trying to make it through my 100 for the year . . .

  3. me too. and I've slowed down. I've been adding some MG in the mix to counterweight tomes like World War Z


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